Final missing body recovered in Baltimore bridge collapse

Salvage teams recovered the sixth and last missing body of a construction worker killed in the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, local officials announced Tuesday.

The body of José Mynor López, 37, was found by salvage divers Tuesday at the scene of the bridge collapse, more than one month since a cargo ship crashed into the bridge and sent the span of the bridge into the Patapsco River, Unified Command officials said in a Tuesday statement.

Divers alerted the Maryland State Police, who notified his family.

The cargo ship, called the Dali, was able to issue a last-minute mayday call when it lost power on March 26, allowing police to halt traffic moments before the crash. López was among eight construction workers unable to get off the bridge in time.

Two workers were rescued and survived, and the bodies of the other five victims were recovered in the weeks that followed.

“With heavy hearts, today marks a significant milestone in our recovery efforts and providing closure to the loved ones of the six workers who lost their lives in this tragic event,” said Col. Roland L. Butler, Jr., superintendent of the Maryland Department of State Police, in a statement.

López lived in Baltimore at the time of collapse after moving to the U.S. from Guatemala.

The Port of Baltimore and the area surrounding the collapse has been closed off to most maritime traffic as crews work through the massive cleanup process.

The Maryland Department of Transportation said last week the repair costs will be between $1.7 billion and $1.9 billion and estimated the rebuild process will take just more than four years.

Demolition crews are now preparing to use explosives as part of the cleanup efforts, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. The crew of the Dali will stay on board the grounded cargo ship while the controlled demolition takes place to break down the remaining span of the fallen bridge, the news wire added.

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