There's a Google-branded Fiat 500 range now

It includes Google tech and branding for the 500, 500X crossover and 500L MPV.


Fiat has launched special edition versions of its 500 lineup of cars with an unusual partner: Google. The Fiat 500 Family Hey Google not only brings Google tech to the 500 city car, 500X crossover and 500L MPV, but special design elements and Google badges — the first time those have appeared on any car, Fiat claims

Of course, the 500 Family Hey Google cars include the latest version of Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice control for navigation and other normal functions. However, it's also fitted with My Fiat Action and a telematics box, letting you remotely check settings using a smartphone or Google Nest Hub by saying "Hey Google, ask my Fiat..."

Google-branded Fiat 500 range
Google-branded Fiat 500 range (Google)

Those include things like fuel levels, tire pressure, whether your car is locked, switching on the emergency lights and more. You can also remotely monitor your car's location or journeys and receive notifications in case of a possible theft or excess speeds. Special edition buyers can activate those services upon delivery and follow the procedures from Fiat.

Lots of other cars offer Google Assistant with various levels of integration, but what makes the 500 Hey Google editions stand out is the co-branding. All three models feature two-tone white and black color schemes along with Hey Google badges on the wheel arches and embroidered into the seats. The car's center pillars are also adorned with Google's primary-color "molecule" pattern.

There's a Google-branded Fiat 500 range now
There's a Google-branded Fiat 500 range now (Google)

The Fiat 500 Family Hey Google will be available exclusively in Europe in 10 countries — and only in the ICE versions, not the 500 EV. It'll go on sale in Italy, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland starting at £16,005 ($22,000) for the 500 hatchback, and going up to £23,264 ($30,000) for the 148 horsepower 500X. All buyers will also get a welcome kit including a Google Nest hub and branded key cover. Fiat launched the new models at is own virtual launch event explaining the integration and partnership with Google. It's 20-plus minutes long, but you can watch it below.