Felicity Huffman: Entertainment industry needs to 'make room' for trans performers

Felicity Huffman: Entertainment industry needs to 'make room' for trans performers

Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman said the entertainment industry needs to “make room” for trans performers.

The actress, who was nominated for an Oscar for playing a transwoman in 2005’s Transamerica, told the Standard Theatre Podcast she would not take the role on now.

Speaking to chief theatre critic Nick Curtis, she said: “I think when things equal out and television and movies and our theatre actually represent the population that they are for and there is equal representation I think people will loosen up and go ‘Yes actors jobs are to play everything, everyone should be able to try their hand at everything’.

“But right now because we are in transition and we want to give room to people and voices and different identities that not gotten access before then I think we need to step back and make room.”

Huffman is making her UK stage debut following her conviction as part of a college admissions scandal.

The star, who said she is “still processing” after serving time in prison for fraud in 2019, is appearing in a revival of the Taylor Mac play Hir at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park.

Huffman plays Paige, the radical and liberated mother of a transgender son, marking one of her first acting roles since the scandal.

It comes five years after Huffman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud after paying 15,000 US dollars (£12,000) for an improved exam score to help her daughter secure a place at a US college.

“I did it. It’s black and white,” she said of the conviction. “I’m grateful to be here…I guess I’m still processing.”

Hir will run at the Park Theatre from February 15 until March 16.

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