Father of disabled boy confronts driver for misusing park

Father of disabled boy confronts driver for misusing park. Photo: LiveLeak

A fed up father of a wheelchair bound boy has confronted an ‘entitled’ woman who misused a disabled park.

The father was dropping his son off to kindergarten when he found the woman parked in a no parking space next to a disability park at the school.

The space was kept free so parents of disabled children could easily remove wheelchairs from their cars and any other items they might need.

In a video uploaded to LiveLeak, the father explained he was tired of people misusing the space and it was something that happened often.

He began by taking pictures of the woman in the park.

The woman quickly noticed what he was doing and requested ‘he take a better one’ and ‘flipped the bird’ at him.

Enraged, the woman moved her car across the street and got out to confront the father.

‘You wanted me to move today, all you had to do was say “hey madam, why don’t you move… that’s kinda rude”.

The father explained to the woman that she shouldn’t use the park as disabled users and their carers needed it in order to load and unload their cars.

The woman said the man should’ve asked her to move instead of taking her photo.

“I shouldn’t have to”, he responded.

“I shouldn’t have to deal with jerks like you”, she said.

The man pointed out the pair were arguing at a ‘children’s school’.

The woman then went to complain to the school principal.

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