Father distraught after baby allegedly punched by stranger

A distraught Perth dad claims his new-born baby was punched by a complete stranger.

Curtis had his 13-week-old son Cruz in a carrier strapped to his chest in the carpark of Saint Pub in Perth’s suburb of Innaloo two weeks ago when he alleges his little boy was punched.

“It made a thud sound – it would’ve been like a short-range punch,” Curtis said.

“I couldn’t believe it. (I was) just shocked.”

Perth dad Curtis claims his baby boy Cruz was punched by a stranger in the carpark of an Innaloo pub. Source: 7 News

He added his son let out a “high-pitch scream”.

It’s alleged by police “a few words” were exchanged before the baby was hit in the head. He received minor injuries.

Curtis claims the man asked, “Is that baby real?” 

He believes the punch connected with the back of his son’s shoulder. He added he pulled back Cruz’s blanket fearing the worst.

“I was like, ‘please, please, please – don’t be anything wrong with him’,” he said.

Ian Gordon faced court on Monday accused of punching the baby. Source: 7 News

The dad believes while CCTV was active in the carpark, the area where the incident occurred was a blind-spot for cameras.

While Cruz is OK, his father said he’s feeling “paranoid” after the alleged attack.

Ian Gordon, 27, was charged with endanger life, health or safety of a person.

Gordon pleaded not guilty to the charge and faced court for the first time on Monday.

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