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Father arrested by police for piercing son’s ear

An Arkansas father was arrested by police on Sunday, 20 April for allegedly violating a state law concerning body art on a minor after his son showed up to school with an ear piercing.

Jeremey Sherland, a resident of Tontitown, Arkansas, was arrested at his home last week by several police officers which was filmed and uploaded to TikTok by his son.

The video shows four Tonitown Police Department officers forcibly arresting Mr Sherland for his juvenile son having a piercing in his left ear - something they were made aware of by a police school officer.

According to a statement from the Tonitown Police Department posted on their Facebook page, the police were contacted by a Springdale Police School Officer who was concerned about the welfare of Mr Sherland’s son after he told students his father pierced his ear.

“The juvenile male stated that his dad was drunk and put him in a choke hold and shoved the piercing in his ear,” Tonitown Police allege in their statement.

Law enforcement claim that officers attempted to investigate the matter in a first instance but Mr Sherland refused to allow them to speak with his son so the police left the residence.

Tontitown Police say they then contacted the Washington County Prosecutors Office they found that Mr Sherland violated Arkansas Law and Public Health Welfare Chapter 27 Subchapter 15 - “A person shall not perform body art on a person under sixteen (16) years of age, regardless of parental consent” and “It is unlawful to perform body art in any unlicensed facility.”

Violation of the law is a Class D Felony.

In the TikTok video, Mr Sherland can be heard laughing at the charges.

Officers returned to Mr Sherland’s residence where they made a probable cause arrest in addition to three other charges: Endangering the welfare of a minor 3rd, refusal to submit to arrest, and obstructing governmental operations.

As officers took Mr Sherland from his home in handcuffs, a woman in the background can be heard criticising the officers for arresting him.

“Piercing his son’s ear without a license takes three cops, four cops?” The woman says. “Coming into my house without permission, no permission they busted in my front door, this is the boy right here he’s got a pierced ear by his dad these cops busted in my door.”


#freemyboy #fyp #copabuse #viral I pierced my ear a year ago and he got arrested because of it

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From behind the camera, Mr Sherland’s son interjected, “I wanted my ears pierced.”

Mr Sherland was released on a $1,500 bond Saturday evening. His arraignment is scheduled for 22 May according to NBC News.