'I don't know why she did it': Family speak after woman shot dead at Capitol protest

The Trump supporter who lost her life as a mob ransacked the Capitol building in Washington DC has been identified as US Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit from San Diego.

Ms Babbit, a 14-year veteran, who served four tours with the US Air Force, was shot after police drew their guns inside the House of Representatives chamber during the chaos on Wednesday (local time).

She was shot as the mob tried to break through a barricaded door in the Capitol where police were armed on the other side. She was hospitalised with a gunshot wound but later pronounced dead.

According to San Diego-based KUSI News who spoke with the woman’s family, Ms Babbit was a high-level security official throughout her time in the military.

Ashli Babbit, pictured left and right, was killed in the Capitol chaos and was an ardent Trump supporter.
The woman killed in the Capitol chaos was an ardent Trump supporter. Source: Twitter

Her husband told media she was a strong supporter of president Trump, who fuelled the protesters with incessant lies about the presidential election.

The husband reportedly did not attend DC with her.

The mother-in-law of the victim told Fox she was at a loss for understanding why she attended the Trump protest.

“I really don’t know why she decided to do this,” she said.

The incoming president Joe Biden described it as a "dark moment" for the country. Source: Getty
The incoming president Joe Biden described it as a "dark moment" for the country. Source: Getty

Ms Babbit’s social media account shows her sharing conspiracy theories from fringe lawyer and Trump supporter Lin Wood who called for vice president Mike Pence to be charged with treason.

In one video posted to Twitter in 2018, she filmed herself in an irate tirade against the Democrats while driving and screaming at her phone accusing them of lying.

Police are still investigating the shooting death.

Four dead during Trump riot

It wasn’t the only death during the chaos in the US capital. Three other people died as supporters of the president violently occupied congress.

Washington DC Police Chief Robert Contee said the dead on Wednesday included a woman who was shot by police, as well as three others who died in “medical emergencies.”

Police said both law enforcement and Trump supporters deployed chemical irritants during the hours-long occupation of the building before it was cleared by law enforcement.

DC police officials also said two pipe bombs were recovered, one outside the Democratic National Committee and one outside the Republican National Committee.

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