Family Shares Bittersweet Health Update for Rodeo Star Spencer Wright's 3-Year-Old Son After Tragic Accident

Spencer Wright rides his horse during the Saddle Bronc Riding section of the 101st Annual Clovis Rodeo.

Rodeo star Spencer Wright's 3-year-old son Levi is in critical condition after the toddler drove his toy tractor into a river.

The tragic accident happened on Tuesday, May 21, according to the Beaver County, Utah Sheriff's Department. The 911 call came in around 6 p.m. that evening after the caller lost sight of the boy. Emergency responders located him quickly upon arrival and "life saving measures were administered on scene” before he was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he was then life-flighted to a children’s hospital.

Family friend and spokesperson Mindy Sue Clark identified Levi to local news affiliate ABC4 the next day and has been offering updates on his care and condition via Facebook ever since the boy's mom, Kallie, took to social media to beg anybody nearby to come over and help them search.

According to Clark, Levi was moved to the ICU quickly after landing at the children's hospital in Salt Lake City, where, despite breathing on his own, doctors appeared to suspect brain death due to the lack of oxygen he experienced.

"We cuddled him all night and feel strongly that his spirit is no longer with us," the parents added through Clark. "We can't be selfish and drag this out for days, he doesn't deserve that. Shortly we will stop care and hold him close until his last breath on earth."

But after shift change, they said that the new "doctor was a little taken back by her exam as they came in the room to end care" and suggested they give Levi a little more time. " this doesn't mean that in 12 hours we won't be right back in the same position with him in my arms preparing for goodbye but it does mean we have time for a miracle!"

By the evening of Wednesday, May 22, there wasn't much change in his condition, although the family said that there have been "multiple small miracles along the way" with the "doctors...surprised by the strides he has made." They're keeping him "really cold" as a result of a fever, administering antibiotics, and monitoring any brain activity with an EEG, with plans for an MRI on Friday or Saturday.

"We are unbelievably humbled by the love and prayers we have received, the help in all forms that is flooding our way is surreal," they added. "We don't know what the future holds, please don't let prayers for my baby dim or his story become old news! Keep praying for him."

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