Family rages after bus stop moved outside their home: 'Haven't slept'

A Melbourne family don't know what to do after a large bus stop was placed directly in front of their home without having any chance to object they claim.

Hoa Tran and Nam Nguyen who have lived in their house in Oakleigh South for seven years, say they won't be able to get in and out of their driveway safely due to the bus stop "block(ing) visibility".

"We can’t even see the traffic light (when reversing out of their driveway onto the road)" Ms Tran told A Current Affair. "Now that the bus stop is here, we can’t get into the house by doing a 90 degree turn and if we do that, we have a high chance of being hit by the bus."

A photo of Oakleigh South couple Hoa Tran and Nam Nguyen, who had a bus stop built in front of their home.
Melbourne couple, Hoa Tran (left) and Nam Nguyen living in Oakleigh South are outraged by the decision to build a bus stop directly in front of their house. Source: A Current Affair

The couple also claim the shelter part of the bus stop, which blocks their vision, wasn't even disclosed by the Victorian Department of Transport. According to A Current Affair, the specific bus stop will cause additional disruption as it is used for driver shift changes, meaning buses may stay put with the engine running for up to 15 minutes at a time, several times a day.

Family say not given enough time to fight decision

The couple claim they were initially told the bus stop was moved for "improved access to bus services", however the Victorian Department of Transport then followed up to say it was due to a developer who had bought the land next door, A Current Affair reports.

The developer allegedly wanted to subdivide the land to build two units and create an additional driveway, which is why the bus stop had to be moved 12 metres along to the front of the couple's house.

When the couple tried responding to the proposed change — having called and emailed the Victorian Department of Transport — they claim to have been ignored.

"We were in a bit of disbelief when we first heard about it," Ms Tran said to A Current Affair. "We didn't have any chances to object. I haven't slept for weeks".

A photo of the bus stop in Oakleigh South in front of the family's home and another photo of the bus stop, with cars passing on the road.
The bus stop in Oakleigh South which was originally in front of another house, has now been moved over 12 metres to be in front of the family's home. Source: A Current Affair

They did however hear back from the Victorian Ombudsman, but only 35 days later when it was too late, on "the day before the construction started".

If the couple wanted to fight the decision, they would be forced to pay. "We were told to seek legal advice at (our) own cost or if (we) want to appeal, to go to court," Ms Tran told A Current Affair.

Kingston Council trying to back the couple

Despite the decision being approved by both Kingston Council and the Victorian Department of Transport, council has told A Current Affair it was under the impression proper consultation was given to the family.

"Council's permission to relocate the bus stop was issued on the proviso that the neighbours were consulted on the new bus stop location," they said in a statement to the publication.

When finding out that was allegedly not the case, council is now "strongly advocating on behalf of the neighbour to the DoT for Public Transport Victoria (PTV) to properly engage."

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