Family mourn loss of triplet

A Bacchus Marsh family is grieving the tragic loss of a six-month-old baby boy - one of triplets - claiming he died after being sent home by a doctor at the Sunshine Hospital.

His surviving brothers, Rhys and Ty, are now being treated at the Royal Children's Hospital.

His parents, Lee Alsop and Melissa Spiteri, say they are living any parent's nightmare - suffering the tragic loss of their son overnight.

Lee and Melissa mourn the loss of their son Blake (bottom) Rhys (left), Ty (Right).
Lee and Melissa mourn the loss of their son Blake (bottom) Rhys (left), Ty (Right).

Little Blake was found dead in his cot this morning by a volunteer carer.

In an exclusive interview with 7News, Blake's father Lee told 7News: "He was the happiest little kid ever."

The death has rocked friends and neighbours in Bacchus Marsh.

Neighbour Charles Rye said: "How do you say anything to something like that? Your heart goes out to them."

The family says Rhys and Ty were checked at Bacchus Marsh Hospital over the weekend and then all three boys were taken to Sunshine Hospital's Pediatric unit on Sunday when their breathing problems worsened.

They were checked over by a doctor and then sent home.

Opposition health spokesman Gavin Jennings said: "The Government should express its sorrow, say to the family we are terribly sorry for your loss and we are going to find answers about why this occurred."

The health minister David Davis refused to comment, claiming he didn't know the facts of the case.

Western Health extended its deepest sympathies to the family and said a "full and thorough investigation is underway".

The devastated parents say they don't want to make any further comment until an autopsy is performed on young Blake and they get to read the coroners report.

Rhys and Ty were this afternoon taken by ambulance to the Royal Children's Hospital where there are ongoing concerns about their condition.

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