Family makes horrifying discovery after finding huge snake in their home

A family was shocked to discover a huge snake had eaten their pet cat at their home in Wishart, 15 kilometres south east of Brisbane.

Brisbane Snake Catchers posted a photo of the aftermath on Facebook.

The image shows the carpet python resting on a wooden beam, with a large lump in its mid-section.

“An unfortunate situation for residents in Wishart today when they found a large carpet python consuming one of their two cats,” the snake catchers posted on Friday.

The carpet python (pictured) after consuming a cat. Source: Facebook/Brisbane Snake Catchers

“The residents were sad for obvious reasons but realised it was only natural for the python to do so and agreed they need to keep a better eye on them and even better keep them indoors.”

The snake wranglers used the tragic incident to urge pet owners to be careful with their precious creatures.

“This is another reason to be mindful of letting cats roam,” the snake catchers wrote.

“Large outdoor cat aviaries are also another great way to keep your pet safe and from hunting other native wildlife.”