Family kicked off Qantas flight over tense meltdown: 'F***ing disgusting'

An ugly altercation between a young family and Qantas cabin crew on a flight from Bali to Sydney has gone viral, with the incident resulting in the abusive passengers being booted from the flight.

In a video filmed by a fellow traveller, a male passenger can be seen in a terse conversation with flight crew, accusing them of being rude to his wife and children.

"They made her cry and she’s crying because they were being rude to her ... with a newborn baby," he can be heard saying.

The furious man can be seen pointing at staff and demanding an apology. The issue seems to have originated over the flight crew's handling of a pram.

"I'm telling you right now they were being rude and it's f***ing disgusting," he says.

Other Qantas passengers quietly watched on during the protracted exchange.
Passengers quietly watched on during the protracted exchange. Source: TikTok

A flight attendant repeatedly asks the passenger to stop and implores him to "stop swearing" as other passengers quietly watch on.

"Tell them to come and apologise, it's so disgusting what they did to her ... and they're having a laugh about it too," he says as the flight attendant walks back down the aisle.

The plane was grounded on the tarmac at the time of the altercation, sitting at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport bound for Sydney on October 20, Qantas confirmed to Yahoo News Australia.

When the flight attendant returns, she informs the irate individual the plane will not be leaving with him on it.

"We're not taking you," she says.

"Well we're not going," the passenger fires back. "Unless you carry my kids out and force them out, we're not leaving."

When the staff mention the police, the passenger appears unperturbed. "Bring the police her, bring them here," he yells.

"Unfortunately, we can't take you," the cabin crew leader tells him again.

"Unfortunately, I'm going to wait here all night," he responds.

As other passengers begin to interject, the flight staff disengage and the video ends. The clip has been shared widely on TikTok in recent days, racking up hundred of thousands of views.

The family were removed from the Qantas flight QF44 before it took off.
The family were removed from the flight before it took off. Source: Getty (file)

Family removed for being abusive, Qantas says

In a statement provided to Yahoo News Australia, a spokesperson for Qantas said the family was ultimately removed from the flight before take-off.

"These passengers were removed from the aircraft after abusing our crew a number of times prior to the flight departing Bali.

"The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we do not tolerate any kind of abusive behaviour," the spokesperson said.

"We ask customers to follow the direction of crew for the safety and comfort of everyone on board."

While many people on social media were critical of the passenger, accusing him of having a "tantrum", others said there was not enough context to fully pass judgement.

"I've experienced extremely bad service and attitude from [Qantas] cabin crew before," one person commented.

Yahoo understands such incidents are referred to an internal panel which decides on any further action, which could include travel bans for the passenger.

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