Family held at knifepoint in random home invasion: 'You're gonna die'

A shocked Queensland man has revealed the terrifying moment he was mercilessly robbed in broad daylight.

A man has revealed the harrowing moment he was allegedly held at knifepoint by a group of thieving home invaders, who he said told him "you're going to die" while they held the weapon to his neck and filled their pockets with his belongings.

Richard McCooey was at home with his wife in Logan, south of Brisbane, when two armed men allegedly barged there way into the property wielding hunting knives, seemingly unaware that each of them were captured on the couple's security surveillance.

Stunned Queensland man describes harrowing ordeal

The brazen daylight attack occurred just after lunchtime on Monday, with McCooey describing the horrifying ordeal as quick but frightening.

"I was in the upstairs study just working when I heard a commotion downstairs," McCooey told 9News.

The two masked men who broke into the Logan man's home.
A Logan man has told of the moment two men allegedly broke into his home and robbed him at knifepoint. Source: 9News

"I went to the top of the stairs and was confronted by a masked man holding a very large knife. The knife was to my chest facing up to my neck and he said 'you’re going to die'.

"I then said 'what do you want, I’ll give you whatever you want', and gave him my wallet with all the contents."

Group allegedly wanted in relation to similar break-ins

The group allegedly responsible for the attack are wanted in relation to a string of break-in and stolen car offences, 9News reported, and for a home invasion about an hour earlier on Monday. So far, no arrests have been made. Yahoo News has contacted Queensland Police for the latest regarding investigations.

According to McCooey, the men were in his home for just five minutes, quickly taking off in a stolen getaway car — a white Hyundai. As the men approached the home, McCooey's wife can be heard on surveillance footage screaming out "hey!" before they tell her to "shut up!".

Logan man Richard McCooey and CCTV of the alleged offenders.
Logan man Richard McCooey said the men told him 'you're going to die'. Source: 9News

Wallets, phones and cash were stolen from the property, with police imploring anyone who might have details about the incident to come forward.

"They were here very, very quickly and detectives said they're working hard on some leads," McCooey said. "So we're hoping they'll apprehend these people and they might stay behind bars."

The group is considered to be armed and dangerous and authorities warned members of the public not to approach them and dial triple zero.

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