Family heartbroken after special 'asthma dog' stolen

A Perth family has been left heartbroken after their pet dog was stolen from their local shopping centre – and it was all captured on security camera.

Fourteen-year-old Hugh ties Pippy, the family dog, to a bench at the Nedlands IGA supermarket almost every day.

But the family never expected she would be stolen.

On CCTV,  a couple can be seen carefully watching the teenager walk inside the shop before they make their move.

This couple were caught on CCTV outside the iGA supermarket in Nedlands. Source: 7 News
Pippy is a Lagotto, a special breed of hypo-allergenic dog. Source: 7 News

It happened on Sunday around 5.30pm and the couple don’t seem bothered by the fact that other people are around.

The man unties Pippy, while the woman walks back to their car. Then he makes a run for it.

Mum Alex Vines said her family desperately wanted Pippy back and they hoped she was OK.

“She’s such as sweet thing, with a really beautiful heart and really affectionate,” she said.

“I hope they’re looking after her and I hope we get her back.”

Dog owner Alex Vines, left, is devastated that Pippy has been stolen. Source: 7 News

She appealed to the thieves to return Pippy.

“You’ve brought a lot of grief and it would be awesome if you could drop her home to Nedlands or to a vet,” she pleaded.

Pippy is a Lagotto, a special breed of hypo-allergenic dog.

Alex and Russell bought Pippy because their three children have asthma.

It took them two years to save $2500 to buy and de-sex her.

The Vines family believe a silver Volkswagen Golf may have been involved in the theft.

If you recognise the couple, the car or have any information please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or go to the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.