Family dog lucky to be alive as vets make unbelievable discovery in his stomach

A distraught family has issued a shocking warning about the dangers of hair ties after their dog almost died from eating more than 100 of them, along with other common household items.

Charlie is lucky to be alive after horrified vets pulled out a kilogram mass from his tiny stomach.

The two-year-old mini goldendoodle went under the knife for the life-saving surgery last month after suddenly becoming seriously ill.

(From left) Dog Charlie with his family, Marcie, Jenee, Paige, and Jamie Clayton. Source: Caters

Jenee Clayton, 40, from the US state of Texas, said in the months leading up to the emergency surgery, there were some rare occasions where Charlie had made “purging” noises without vomiting and had experienced a bout of diarrhoea.

But the mum-of-three said she initially did not take much notice because they seemed like a “one-off” and Charlie appeared fine afterwards, but now wishes she realised the symptoms were a sign of something more sinister.

A few months later, the family’s beloved dog began vomiting and refused to eat or drink.

‘One kilogram mass’ pulled from dog’s stomach

The horrified family rushed Charlie to the animal hospital where vet Dr Randall Murray found a tenderness in his abdomen.

A shocking X-ray revealed an unidentified mass. When vets performed emergency surgery to remove it, they were shocked at what they found.

The dog’s tiny stomach was filled with a dangerous kilogram mass of 117 hair ties, along with a few lolly wrappers, a teddy bear’s ear and material from two pairs of underwear.

Removed from the stomach of mini goldendoodle Charlie were 117 hair ties and other household objects that almost killed him. Source: Caters

Family’s warning to pet owners after dog almost died

Ms Clayton warned other pet owners to be aware of their dogs, and look out for signs of vomiting, diarrhoea, and changes to eating behaviours.

“The vet said Charlie was very lucky. If we didn’t take him to the vet, he would be dead,” she said.

“The doctor gave us a 50/50 chance of him making it. We didn’t know if he was going to pull through.”

The mum added that she and her two daughters Marcie, 14, and Paige, eight, use hair ties daily and never worried if they went missing as they are “just one of those things” that get lost easily.

Charlie’s family have become extra vigilant about leaving anything in reach of where their pooch could eat it, and now always leave their hair ties on high shelves.

Thankfully, adorable little Charlie is back to his normal energetic and happy doggy-self.

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