'We were terrified': Family's creepy discovery at Disney World

A family on their way home from the happiest place on earth made a disturbing discovery after receiving a notification an AirTag device had been tracking them.

The Gaston family, from Tennessee in the United States, were returning to their car after spending the day at Disney World Orlando when their daughter Madison received an alarming alert on her phone.

Jennifer Gaston detailed the terrifying incident in a Facebook post saying once they reached the car they started searching through their belongings for the tag.

Notification on a phone saying an AirTag was tracking them.
Madison Gaston received a notification on her phone. Source: Facebook/ maddiejo23

"She quickly showed me and we began investigating right away," Ms Gaston recalled in the post. "It continued to track us all the way to our vehicle".

Unable to locate the AirTag, the family reported the incident to security and then left the park.

"We were advised to contact the sheriff's department to file an incident report, so we did," Ms Gaston wrote in the Facebook post, adding police said it was "pretty obvious" the person had "horrible intentions."

"Since we did not find the tag and the last location was our parking spot at Disney (so in our frantic moments, it clearly fell off but we missed seeing it), they couldn’t track it back to anyone because they would need the tag," she continued.

"They STRONGLY advised us to not go back to the park."

The family was leaving Disney World when they received the alarming notification alerting them to the AirTag.
The family was leaving Disney World when they received the alarming notification. Source: Facebook

Family still unsure how the Airtag was tracking them

Ms Gaston said someone had managed to slip the AirTag on one of her daughters at around 7pm and they discovered it at around 11.30pm.

"As we were reviewing everything, sure enough, it tracked and documented every destination during that time (rides, food, meet and greets, bathroom, etc)," the horrified mother wrote.

"Once we took care of everything we needed to, reality hit me in the gut! I can’t even explain all the thoughts and emotions that ran through me," she continued.

"To think that someone was after my daughter/s with such unfathomable intentions, just tore me into shreds."

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