Falling tree traps mates on buck's weekend leaving them with 36 broken bones

Three men have suffered serious injuries after being crushed by a tree while camping on a buck’s party weekend in Victoria.

The group was camping at Big River northeast of Melbourne last Saturday when a gumtree smashed through their campsite in the middle of the night, leaving a trail of destruction.

Around midnight, the group heard a loud “crack” sound, but it was pitch black so none of them could see the 30-metre ghost gum crashing to the ground through their campsite, GoFundMe page explained. 

Three men were left with serious injuries after a gum tree fell through their campsite on a buck’s weekend trip to Big River, northeast of Melbourne last Saturday.  Source: Facebook/ Chris Weir

“Immediately panic set in, as they realised what had happened and they heard screams of their mates who had been injured,” the page read.

“A 30m ghost gum had uprooted and fallen across their camp. It left a path of destruction, seriously injuring three of our boys.” 

The men desperately cut three of their mates, Clint Dent, Andrew Owen, and a third man who wishes to remain anonymous, free from under the tree’s limbs.

“The shock set in as they witnessed their mates in agony, bleeding and bones protruding, they had no idea what injuries they had sustained and had no reception to call for help,” the page read.

Andrew Owen (second from left, standing) and Clint Dent (sixth from left, top row) suffered serious injuries. Source: Facebook/ Chris Weir
Andrew Owen is lucky to be alive after camping next to his 4WD that was flattened by the tree. Source: Facebook/ Chris Weir

The men loaded the trio into a car and drove 45 minutes to a main road to get an ambulance before they were eventually flown to hospital in Melbourne.

Shocking pictures show the tree’s demolition of the campsite and a squashed 4WD.

Mr Owen “is lucky to be alive” after sleeping in a swag next to his 4WD that was flattened by the falling tree.

“That 4WD saved his life, it took the impact from the 1.5m wide gum that would have completely crushed his body,” the GoFundMe page read.

“He has sustained several injuries including nine broken ribs, broken scapula, fractures to his skull and swelling around the heart.”

There are concerns Mr Owen’s family are suffering financial pressure and will need to replace his car, which is uninsured. Source: Facebook/ Chris Weir

Chris Weir, who was with the group, said the trio suffered 36 broken bones between them.

His mate Cliff Dent tried to flee from the falling tree but unfortunately, he “ran in the same direction” and “was crushed to the ground by the 30-metre ghost gum”.

He had to be cut free and suffered a broken spine in three places, a broken jaw, smashed teeth, a broken femur, a shattered tibia and fibula bone.

It’s also believed he suffered neck injuries and damaged nerves in his right arm.

All three are out of intensive care and recovering but there are concerns the injuries could leave Mr Dent and Mr Owen out of work for some time. Both also have young children.

Mates hailed as heroes

Barbara Hartland, the mother of Mr Owen, said if it wasn’t for her son’s mates he could have died.

Ms Hartland wrote on Facebook she wanted to thank them all for cutting her son free.

“You are a bunch of great people and your partners are bloody amazing too,” she wrote.

“Thank you to all of you for all your help, courage, bravery and comradeship.”

Mr Dent (pictured) is undergoing recovery and suffered a broken jaw. Source: GoFundMe/ The Dents Need Our Help

Mr Weir’s wife Dhani wrote the mates are an “amazing group of men”.

“The courage, strength and determination of you guys is unbelievable,” she wrote.

“You should be incredibly proud of yourselves.”

Mr Dent’s wife Leesa commented on a group photo of the men and wrote “every single person in this picture is an absolute hero”.

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