Factbox-Hamas ceasefire proposal details

Israeli mobile artillery unit fires towards Gaza

(Reuters) - The Palestinian militant group Hamas has submitted a ceasefire proposal to end the four-month conflict in Gaza. Israel said it was studying the proposal.

A text of the proposal seen by Reuters said it aimed to end military operations with a sustained de-escalation, exchange hostages and prisoners, end an Israeli blockade of Gaza, allow displaced residents to return home and ramp up aid supplies.

These are the details:


Temporary halt to military operations, end of aerial reconnaissance, repositioning of Israeli forces far outside populated areas in the entire Gaza Strip.

Release of Israeli civilian women and children aged 19 or under held hostage in Gaza, as well as all elderly and sick hostages.

Release of Palestinian women, children, elderly and sick from Israeli jails.

Agreement on release of 1,500 Palestinian prisoners, with Hamas to nominate 500 of them who have been sentenced to long or life sentences.

Increase in humanitarian aid into Gaza, including the north, and return of displaced people to their home districts. Start rebuilding hospitals, homes and other facilities. U.N. agencies to provide services and establish shelter camps for population.


Discussions to be completed before start of second phase on conditions to maintain ceasefire.

Release of all Israeli male civilian and military hostages in exchange for other Palestinian prisoners.

Continuation of humanitarian measures in Gaza.

Israeli forces to withdraw outside Gaza Strip.

Comprehensive reconstruction to begin and blockade of Gaza to end.


Exchange of bodies and remains from both sides after their identification.

Continuation of humanitarian measures in Gaza that were agreed upon in earlier phases.

(Reporting by Samia Nakhoul and Andrew Mills; Writing by Jana Choukeir and Angus McDowall; Editing by Alex Richardson)