Photo of 'Aussie patriot' hanging bacon over halal meat in Coles sparks outrage

A photo of a man hanging bacon rashers over the halal meat section has caused outrage after it was shared on a controversial Facebook group.

The photo snapped, in what looks like a Coles supermarket, shows a man proudly giving the camera the middle finger after removing bacon from its packaging and placing it over the halal products.

The photo shared on a Facebook page called We Are One Australia-National drew immediate criticism for representing what many considered to be a "anti-Islamic statement".

"It's this type of childish behaviour that makes me ashamed of my country," one person wrote.

"I don't know why you feel the need to glorify such d***heads," another wrote in response to the image.

Another person wrote: "There is nothing patriotic about disrespecting Muslim Australians in such a vulgar, ignorant manner".

The picture has been liked more than 2,700 times. Source: Facebook

However, there was also an overwhelming show of support for the bacon-hanging "patriot".

Another comment said: "He's a legend I do it all the time".

"Nice work there patriot," one man said.

"You are a true blue Aussie legend mate, love your work," another Facebook user wrote.

Not everyone agrees with the image's apparent statement. Source: Facebook

Amid all the criticism and Facebook arguing, a defensive admin member attempted to downplay the controversial post, saying there had been a large overreaction to it.

"The person is anonymous, and location at this point also. The purpose of the photo is a large majority of people don't like paying a tax on food for an Islamic ideology," the admin said.

"And as you should know Muslims don't eat pigs and to them that section is contaminated now and is why they are so offended as by comments you can see."

Halal food has been prepared according to Islamic law, which prohibits Muslims from eating blood, alcohol and meat from forbidden animal including pigs.

Coles declined to comment after being contacted by 7 News Online.