F1 LIVE! Singapore Grand Prix race reaction and updates as Sergio Perez wins

F1 LIVE! Singapore Grand Prix race reaction and updates as Sergio Perez wins


The Singapore Grand Prix takes place with Max Verstappen facing a mountain to climb if he wants to win the Formula One world championship today - even if he is virtually assured of a coronation at some point in the coming weeks.

Charles Leclerc starts on pole ahead of Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton with Verstappen stuck back in eighth place after Red Bull miscalculated his fuel load for the final runs in qualifying on Saturday. A thrilling wet-dry session also led to George Russell qualifying 11th although he will start from the pit lane.

One of the longest races of the year has been elongated even further by an hour-long delay after a downpour. Singapore hosts its first F1 grand prix in two years over 61 laps with a stunning city backdrop, a flood-lit track and lots of humidity to feature around Marina Bay. Sky Sports F1 will broadcast the race. To keep on top of all the live action, follow Standard Sport’s race blog below!

F1 Singapore Grand Prix updates

  • Start delayed by heavy rain

  • LIGHTS OUT! Perez leads

  • SAFETY CAR! Zhou and Latifi out

  • SAFETY CAR! Tsunoda the next to crash

  • CHEQUERED FLAG! Perez wins

Race report

17:01 , Alex Young

Sergio Perez won a hectic Singapore Grand Prix as Max Verstappen dramatically missed out on his first chance to bag the F1 world championship.

A heavy downpour 30 minutes before the scheduled start time led to an hour-long delay and the first wet start in Singapore since 2017 - when a first corner crash wiped out a Red Bull and two Ferraris, including title contender Sebastian Vettel.

There was no such flying debris at the start this time around but still drama aplenty as Perez leapt past pole-sitter Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton lost out to Carlos Sainz for third.

Verstappen, starting eighth, found himself bogged down off the line and had only recovered to ninth when a safety car was required on lap eight.

Read Marc Mayo’s full report here.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Horner on Verstappen

16:49 , Alex Young

“It was a tough weekend for him [Max] starting so far behind.

“He was pushing through the race and nearly got a chance at the restart but got a massive lock up after he thought he bottomed out and got a huge flat spot. Then had to pit again and had a massive distance behind.”

Horner speaking to Sky Sports

16:44 , Alex Young

“That is without a shadow of doubt he’s [Perez] best drive of he’s career. Tricky conditions.

“He nailed the start and he settled himself into the race and looked after the intermediate tyres. SC’s coming and going. Restarts and he was always in control and super cool.”

The full classification from today’s race

16:29 , Marc Mayo

16:25 , Marc Mayo

Race winner Sergio Perez gives his take

16:21 , Marc Mayo

“My best performance, I controlled the race. The last three laps were so intense. When I get out of the car, I felt it. I gave everything. I have no idea [about the investigation].”

Up next, Charles Leclerc

16:20 , Marc Mayo

“I pushed all the way, the bad start put us on the back foot and it was really difficult from that. A good night’s sleep and we’ll get ready for Japan.”

Carlos Sainz, in third, reacts to the race

16:20 , Marc Mayo

“It’s crazy how long it takes here to dry but the dry line never appears in some place, it’s pretty unique on that.”

16:14 , Marc Mayo

“This is how we do it!” Perez says over team radio. “What a race, so happy.”

His best ever drive in F1?

Leclerc comes home second before Sainz - and Verstappen did get seventh off Vettel on the last lap.

Perez wins the Singapore Grand Prix!

16:12 , Marc Mayo

What a performance of ruthlessness, endurance and focus from the Mexican for his second win of the season!

Last lap!

16:09 , Marc Mayo

Two hours of racing is about to come to an end with Perez over five seconds clear of Leclerc, helping stave off any consequences of that upcoming investigation.

Hamilton error!

16:08 , Marc Mayo

Far too desperate to overtake Vettel, Hamilton commits another mistake as he falls off line to allow Verstappen back into eighth place!

Four minutes to go!

16:06 , Marc Mayo

Perez looks good for the win for over three seconds on Leclerc.

All the action is happening in the fight for seventh!

16:03 , Marc Mayo

The fight is on for eighth place as Verstappen latches onto the rear wing of Hamilton, and Vettel is not far up the road in front of the Brit.

16:01 , Marc Mayo

Soft tyres on for Russell to grab a point-less fastest lap, likely depriving Perez or Leclerc or even Verstappen of the honour.

10 minutes to go

15:59 , Marc Mayo

Christian Horner tells Sky he sees no reason why the Perez investigation is even taking place, so there will be some doubt on the Mexican even if he wins this race.

Leclerc is out of DRS now with 2.2 seconds between the leaders.

15:56 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen into the points!

The Red Bull jumps Bottas for tenth. He has Gasly up next. And now he’s ninth.

Meanwhile, F1 will investigate an alleged safety car infringement after the race... A potential breach of remaining ten car-lengths behind the safety car is being checked.

17 minutes to go

15:52 , Marc Mayo

A relief, in a sense, as we reach the distance that ascribes full points for today’s race finish.

That is now within sight as Leclerc suffers a scruffy lap to lose a second on Perez.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

15:47 , Marc Mayo

Even with Perez being caught, the front two are still well clear of any challengers with Sainz nine seconds back as Leclerc pulls out of a fresh go into Turn 1.

Hamilton is all over Vettel for seventh place with Verstappen making his way back towards the points, with a fastest lap and a two-second gap to Magnussen in 11th.

15:42 , Marc Mayo

“I’m having issues with the drivability of the engine,” says Perez.

Maybe, just maybe, we will have a final half hour of pure racing to enjoy after all these oopsies...

DRS enabled.

15:41 , Marc Mayo

Meanwhile, in the battle for the race lead (remember that?), Leclerc is all over Perez.

Schumacher also has to pit from that Russell knock.

30 minutes to go...

15:38 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen pits for new tyres and comes out last on Soft tyres.

Russell will have to come in soon, he has a right-rear puncture... Goodness me! He bounced into Schumacher when trying to overtake the Haas and was delivered a hasty punishment from the F1 gods.

Verstappen off!

15:37 , Marc Mayo

A lunge at Turn 7 goes badly wrong... he locks up and goes straight off into the escape road!

Verstappen drops to eighth as he rejoins, Norris and Ricciardo now running fourth and fifth.

“I need to pit,” he says. So much for winning the title today.

Green flag!

15:36 , Marc Mayo

Right then, only 14 runners left in this race.

Perez swerving to warm his tyres up after the restart and Verstappen is right on Norris’ tail.

35 minutes to go!

15:33 , Marc Mayo

Usefully, we are officially on a timer now with the safety car period continuing.

Lap 37/61

15:28 , Marc Mayo

The cheaper pit stop is a big bonus to McLaren as Norris comes out just behind Sainz in fourth and Ricciardo, who did well on his opening stint, grabs sixth as he takes the Softs.

Stroll and Vettel are behind him with Hamilton ninth. “So sorry guys,” he says over team radio.

Tsunoda in the wall!

15:25 , Marc Mayo

Yes, another one! On slicks, the AlphaTauri is off at Turn 10 after coming in too hot.

Safety car deployed.

15:24 , Marc Mayo

Hamilton, Vettel and Schumacher now all pit with the front wing changed on that Mercedes.

Bottas, interestingly, has gone for the Softs - but he is down in 13th...

Perez next to come in and a smooth change is in contrast to Leclerc’s slow stop and poor out-lap. He remains comfortably in the lead.

Lap 34/61

15:22 , Marc Mayo

Gasly pits from seventh and we see Hamilton’s replay as he simply failed to slow his car down in time and had to hit the barrier rather than accept a run down the escape road.

In come Tsunoda, Bottas and Leclerc. Mediums for the Ferrari.

Hamilton in the barrier!

15:19 , Marc Mayo

His Mercedes is still running but he comes out right between Norris and Verstappen in fifth!

Big damage to the left side side of his front-wing and, with Russell now picking up pace on Mediums, will he come into the pits?

Lap 32/61

15:18 , Marc Mayo

The lap counter is meaningless with this race set to end at the two-hour limit, aka 4.05pm BST, now.

Perez leads Leclerc by three seconds. A whole 17 back is Sainz in third, who has a 0.8-second advantage over Hamilton.

Some 14 seconds back, Norris leads Verstappen by barely a car’s length in the battle for fifth. A lock-up from the Dutchman ends his latest lunge for an overtake.

Gasly, Vettel, Stroll and Ricciardo complete the top ten.

Green flag!

15:14 , Marc Mayo

Awkward for Verstappen who tried too early to get the jump on Norris and ended up having to pull back - staying sixth.

“Very dangerous,” says the McLaren driver.

15:12 , Marc Mayo

Still nobody coming into the pits despite that Ferrari bluff, Leclerc in second a couple of seconds behind Perez and Sainz defending third and has Hamilton right on his back.

Virtual Safety Car!

15:09 , Marc Mayo

Both Williams and now both Alpine cars are out with a “failure” for Ocon - altough he was already out of the points.

Ferrari’s pit crew are out!

Ocon stops!

15:08 , Marc Mayo

And another..!

Ocon has stopped at Turn 13 and it appears to be a mechanical issue.

Green flag!

15:06 , Marc Mayo

Albon comes into the pits, they change his nose and tyres... but his race is over.

A stunning fightback from the Thai-British driver to make the race from medical complications as he missed the race in Italy. But an error under braking ends his race early.

Virtual safety car!

15:04 , Marc Mayo

Likely a short stoppage as they collect Albon’s front wing from the side of the track.

Albon in the wall!

15:03 , Marc Mayo

The Williams has his nose in the barrier at Turn 8 and he reverses out without it, heading to the pits with a front-left puncture for good measure.

Lap 24/61

15:00 , Marc Mayo

Safe to say Russell is going backwards after that early tyre change but teammate Hamilton is right on the back of Sainz in the battle for third.

A shot of Alonso looking thoroughly miserable while watching on comes as Verstappen hones in on Norris, for fifth.

Green flag!

14:57 , Marc Mayo

The VSC ends with only Russell coming in.

“No grip,” says the Brit over team radio. Ah.

Lap 22/61

14:55 , Marc Mayo

In comes Russell! From 15th the Mercedes tags in for Mediums - dry tyres!

A big slide upon his exit from the pits...

“That’s brave,” says Verstappen upon learning of the news.

Virtual safety car!

14:54 , Marc Mayo

Get those wheel guns ready...

Alonso out!

14:54 , Marc Mayo

“Engine,” says the Alpine veteran on his 350th race in F1!

14:52 , Marc Mayo

A gap of 2.3 seconds has opened up between Leclerc and Perez now, with Sainz a further ten back from his teammate.

Hamilton having to bide his time with just over a second’s gap behind the Spaniard.

The big battle is still Verstappen vs Alonso with Singapore’s reputation for difficulty in overtaking very much holding true.

Lap 19/61

14:47 , Marc Mayo

It looks like busy discussions are taking place in the Ferrari garage as Leclerc tries to drag Perez into striking distance.

“Slicks are close now,” says Sainz and certainly the decision as to when to pull the trigger will produce a swing, one way or the other, in the on-track battles.

“Still too wet,” says Verstappen...

14:42 , Marc Mayo

Sainz one of many drivers ordered to hunt out wet patches on the track to cool his Intermediate tyres, which are being scrubbed down by the drier parts.

McLaren confirm the obvious on team radio to Norris - that the goal is to make his tyres last longer than everyone else.

14:40 , Marc Mayo

Some trouble for Verstappen now with Alonso, in his record-breaking 350th start, putting up stout resistance for sixth place.

No sign of anyone going to Slicks yet with about two thirds of this race still to be run and a one-stopped certainly the preference.

Lap 13/61

14:38 , Marc Mayo

Perez and Leclerc break the two-minute barrier for a fastest lap each, crossing the line over three seconds clear of Sainz. A proper two-horse race today.

Hamilton doing much better since the restart and is under a second behind Sainz, both of which should fear Verstappen appearing in their rear-view mirrors at some point later on.

14:34 , Marc Mayo

Now it’s Gasly losing out to Verstappen and it would not be a surprise to see Vettel overtake the Frenchman too, he is struggling to get his tyres warmed up off the restart.

Further ahead, Alonso is having a look at Norris for fifth...

Green flag!

14:32 , Marc Mayo

As before, the front two leave Sainz and Hamilton in their dust.

Norris is then some way behind in fifth and Verstappen grabs eighth off Vettel!

Lap 10/61

14:31 , Marc Mayo

Safety car coming in at the end of this lap.

14:28 , Marc Mayo

Just before that incident, Russell steamed past Bottas and into the escape road at Turn 7, with a little tap on his way for good luck.

Potential damage for both cars.

Lap 8/61 - Safety car!

14:26 , Marc Mayo

Zhou was squeezed by Latifi into the wall at Turn 5, breaking his front-right axel.

“I didn’t see... I have a puncture,” says the Canadian as he slowly heads to the pits for a tyre change. In fact, he’s out.

And we have a safety car!

14:24 , Marc Mayo

Magnussen has been called in for a front-wing endplate hanging off after an early tussle with Verstappen (below).

A yellow flag in sector one as Zhou has pulled over, and Latifi has a puncture. Coincidence?

 (Getty Images,)
(Getty Images,)

Lap 6/61

14:21 , Marc Mayo

A fastest lap of a tickle over two minutes from Leclerc shows the Ferrari man’s progress on Perez.

Further back, Verstappen is making up for his lost time as he lines up a move on Vettel for eighth.

Lap 4/61

14:16 , Marc Mayo

“No grip,” laments Hamilton now he is back in fourth and already seven seconds off the lead.

Perez is about a second clear of Leclerc but it is far too wet for DRS to be turned on anytime soon. Sainz a further four behind.

Lap 2/61

14:15 , Marc Mayo

Perez leads Leclerc and Sainz took Hamilton at the start in what was a pretty clean opening, all things considered.

Norris has grabbed fifth off Alonso, with Gasly, Vettel and Tsunoda following.

Verstappen is up to tenth, the replays showing he got really bogged down and had to cut the first corner.

14:12 , Marc Mayo

A spinning Williams at Turn 7 heads into the run-off but could be able to keep it going - that was Albon.

Verstappen is back in 12th! Four places lost for the man hoping to defend his title today.


14:10 , Marc Mayo

And away they go...

Perez takes the lead and Hamilton is forced wide by Sainz!

Verstappen struggles off the line...

14:08 , Marc Mayo

We have 61 laps on the running plan for today but a two-hour time limit from the race start will likely be breached given the long nature of this race and the wet track.

A full set of Inters at the start

14:05 , Marc Mayo

The formation lap begins with full Wets shunned by all 20 drivers.

We will get a proper standing start in Singapore.

Strap in!

Five-minute warning!

14:00 , Marc Mayo

The national anthem is done, the grid is being cleared of VIPs, and it’s almost time to go racing...

Toto Wolff on Mercedes’ chances

13:55 , Marc Mayo

Toto Woff expecting “survival” to be the target in a potentially chaotic race.

On George Russell’s chances from the pit lane, he says: “I think with a clever strategy, he hopefully can clear the midfield and then a late safety car can bring him up to the front.”

Lewis Hamilton starts third in the other Merc.

Tyre choice

13:49 , Marc Mayo

A little nugget of information from Pierre Gasly on Sky F1, who confirms Inters for his starting tyre and “a little bit” of standing water still knocking around.

He adds: “It’s gonna be tricky but for sure a lot will happen in the race and we’ll see good opportunities.”

Still no decision on the type of start

13:44 , Marc Mayo

A standing or rolling start will be confirmed only five minutes before the formation lap - so in about 15 minutes’ time.

The last wet start in Singapore

13:39 , Marc Mayo

Cast your mind back to 2017 and a very dramatic run down to Turn 1...

13:33 , Marc Mayo

A big lock-up from Verstappen into Turn 7 as he explores the grip, or lack of.

Thankfully for the Dutchman, there’s a run-off area to spin his Red Bull around in. He’s on Inters now, too.

The pit lane opens!

13:26 , Marc Mayo

At long last, the cars are allowed out of their garages for a run around Marina Bay with full Wets the order of the day.

Lando Norris and Valtteri Bottas the only drivers on the Inters so far.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Safety car driver Bert Mylander on the start

13:26 , Marc Mayo

“It seems to be getting dry very quickly but there are a few bits of standing water out there. I'm really sure we will have a race, but still we wait. We must listen to the drivers and make a decision which kind of start we will have.”

Strategy questions

13:20 , Marc Mayo

A whopping 27 seconds lost in pit stops today due to a long and slow pit plane, with a 60km/h limit compared to 80km/h at most other circuits.

With the track drying, we may even see cars start on the Intermediate tyres.

Strategy has been thrown out of the window with last-minute calls expected on what tyres to start on - and the frontrunners all only have one new set of Inters left after a wet-dry qualifying yesterday.

13:14 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen taking an early lead in our poll but over a third of you backing Lewis Hamilton to bounce back.

Very little support for anyone outside the big three so far!

Let’s get some discussion going!

13:05 , Marc Mayo

We’re asking you who will win the 2023 F1 championship over on our Twitter page - we’ll be posting the best verdicts in the blog!

We have a start time!

12:58 , Marc Mayo

The start procedure begins at 1.05pm, with the pit lan opening 20 minutes later.

The formation lap is set for 2.05pm.

So we have lost just over an hour.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner on the delay

12:53 , Marc Mayo

“We’re hoping the worst is behind us, it’s just a matter of the standing water and they’re doing a great job clearing it. You see with the safety car, you need a boat out there. You’d assume [the full grid procedure] will kick in as normal.”

Pit lane open

12:48 , Marc Mayo

But we have another ten-minute delay until we get a start time.

It is very warm in Singapore, to help matters. Yet, a lack of sunlight in this night race does not!

The rain stops!

12:42 , Marc Mayo

The safety car is heading around the track for a bit of reconnaissance.

We may get a race start time in the next few minutes...

How Max Verstappen can win the title

12:39 , Marc Mayo

The race delay could mean we get a bit of a hasty start, when the rain does yield and a time is decided on.

So, in the meantime, let’s amuse ourselves with the permutations of Max Verstappen’s title victory today.

If Verstappen wins with the fastest lap - He will be champion if Charles Leclerc finishes eighth or lower, plus Sergio Perez finishes fourth or lower.

Leclerc could technically match Verstappen’s points from this result but he is destined to finish with fewer race wins in any case, meaning he would lose a tie.

If Verstappen wins without the fastest lap - He will be champion if Leclerc is ninth or lower and Perez finishes fourth without the fastest lap, or lower.

If Verstappen finishes second - The championship coronation goes to Japan, or beyond...

 (Getty Images,)
(Getty Images,)

Fresh delay

12:31 , Marc Mayo

The update for the start time will be at 12.45pm as a flash of lightning hits Singapore.

How Danny Ric stays cool

12:30 , Marc Mayo

This little pre-race feature probably made much more sense before the rain hammered down!

Umbrellas are out and dry ice will be in the bin for drivers when they get to the grid.

Let’s hope we don’t get a Monaco or Spa repeat here...

12:22 , Marc Mayo

F1 delayed the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year only to get hit by a second, bigger downpour minutes later.

That mayhem however was nothing compared to last year’s Belgian GP where three laps under the safety car led to half-points being dished out.

The radar is suggesting that neither will happen to day with this system set to pass relatively soon.

Start delayed!

12:13 , Marc Mayo

The procedure to open the pit lane has been knocked back due to the rain - an update will come at 12.32pm.

Why Max Verstappen starts eighth

12:10 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen was left furious after a fuel miscalculation by Red Bull cost him dearly during qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix.

The reigning world champion’s chances of wrapping up a second consecutive Formula One title with five races still to go in 2022 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit on Sunday now look very slim indeed after he was consigned to eighth spot on the starting grid.

That is despite Verstappen appearing on pace to claim another pole position during an eventful Q3 on Saturday, only to be told to abandon his blistering final lap due to an inexplicable lack of fuel.

“What the f***?” Verstappen fumed over team radio to race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase. “What the f***? What the f*** are you guys saying? It is unbelievable, mate. I don’t get it. What the f*** is this about?”

Read the full story!

Weather update

12:02 , Marc Mayo

Heavy rain expected for around half an hour over Marina Bay, with some suggestions the rain may not start on time if it doesn’t let up.

Watch this space...

News recap

11:57 , Marc Mayo

Here are some of the stories you may have missed from the build-up to the Singapore Grand Prix:


Charles Leclerc previews the race

11:52 , Marc Mayo

“What we do on the Saturday is clearly right, we managed the session in the best way possible. Now on the Sunday we need to get more points - we are working on that. Communication, strategy, tyre management... Starting today I hope we can show this step forward.”

Meanwhile, the rain is coming down!

Murmurs of rain in the paddock...

11:42 , Marc Mayo

A downpour just over an hour before the race - with no sunlight to dry off the track - could be a very interesting ingredient to proceedings!

A chance for the drivers to have a pre-race briefing after the pre-race parade

11:39 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton reveals doctor’s note for nose stud

11:32 , Marc Mayo

Mercedes were fined £22,000 for not properly adhering to F1’s jewellery ban after Lewis Hamilton wore his nose stud in the car this weekend - something the driver says he has been ordered to do by doctors.

He said yesterday: “For many races, the FIA gave me an exemption until I could find a solution. I got it taken out and it got infected because of that.

“I was continuing with this infection and I had a blood blister. I went back to have the blood blister fixed, because there was pus and blood. I put this stud in, and then in the last two weeks it has started to heal and they asked that I keep it in.

“I have got a letter from the doctor. I have tried my best. Hopefully they will be sensible. The stewards should be there to keep us safe and this is not a safety issue.

“It is crazy that we have to talk about something so small. At this point, I don't really care to be honest.”

Read the full story!

New race engineer helps KMag into points positions

11:25 , Marc Mayo

The arrival of Mark Slade as Kevin Magnussen’s new race engineer helped the Dane to ninth place on today’s grid.

“It’s been looking positive all weekend but not this positive,” he told the Haas website.

“P9 was a bit more than we were expecting but it’s great because qualifying in Singapore is very important. I’m super happy that we got a good result here and the team did an amazing job. My new race engineer did a fantastic job coming back after some time not running a car as a race engineer, and he was flawless.

“At the end, in Q3, I told the team that I didn’t know what we should do and to make a decision, and they made absolutely the right ones. It was great just to be able to put all responsibility on them and they pulled it off.”

Fernando Alonso to ‘dream big’ on record start

11:19 , Marc Mayo

No driver has started 350 Formula One grands prix - until today.

Fernando Alonso reaches the milestone in Singapore while fifth on the grid and he is targeting an even better finish in the race.

“I think if it's dry, it's going to be difficult to overtake,” he said.

“So it will be nice to secure the top five and score more points than McLaren, which will be the main target again. If it's wet obviously, there are a lot of things that could happen.

“It could be very good race for us, or very bad, if you crash or whatever maybe it could be a DNF. So it's a lot of risk if it's wet tomorrow, but we are two positions away from the podium. So why not dream big tonight?"

Qualifying recap

11:14 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc took pole position for the Singapore Grand Prix with Max Verstappen only eighth.

In drying conditions, Verstappen, who has his first shot of securing back-to-back titles, appeared to be on course to take pole with his final throw of the dice.

But the Red Bull driver was under instruction from his team to abort his final lap, and he will start Sunday's race way down the order.

Read the full story!

George Russell to start in the pit lane

11:07 , Marc Mayo

After only managing 11th in qualifying, George Russell will start from the pit lane after a fresh set of power-unit elements from Mercedes.

A new internal combustion engine, turbocharger, motor generator unit – heat (MGU-H), motor generator unit – kinetic (MGU-K), energy store and control electronics have all been bolted on.

Weather forecast

11:01 , Marc Mayo

Rain is in the air for today’s race with around a ten per-cent chance of precipitation after yesterday’s wet-dry qualifying run.

Temperatures are gradually dropping from around 30°C as night time settles in over Marina Bay.

Starting grid

10:53 , Marc Mayo

Here’s how they will line up after George Russell’s late penalty for taking new power unit elements this morning.

How to watch

10:47 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: The race will be shown LIVE on Sky Sports F1. Coverage of Grand Prix Sunday starts at 11.30am BST ahead of a 1pm start. Free highlights are on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can also stream the action live online via the SkyGo app.

LIVE blog: You can also follow the race as it happens right here, on Standard Sport’s live blog.

Good morning!

10:16 , Marc Mayo

Welcome to Standard Sport’s coverage of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix!

We have a slightly earlier start time of 1pm BST today with Charles Leclerc on pole at Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Stay tuned for all the build-up, race action and reaction...

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