Explosions heard at site of Sydney factory fire, two men injured

Melissa Hills

FIRST ON 7: Explosions have sent huge fireballs into the air, badly burning two people at a car wrecking yard in Sydney’s southwest.

The scene at Fitzpatrick Street in Revesby was still smouldering two hours after the blaze began.

The fire spread to a neighbouring factory and firefighters were expecting a long night ahead.

The blaze sparked an avalanche of calls to triple zero, just before 4pm.

The emergency response was immediate and emphatic as close to 100 firefighters rushed to the scene.

Hoses and fire retardant were dwarfed by the flames and acrid, thick black smoke.

Andrew Milliott, pilot of the 7 News helicopter, said: "I can see that the firies are having a really hard time getting on top of this. It’s just amazing actually seeing the intensity of the flames".

Two people who were badly injured were helped by members of the public until paramedics arrived.

They were later rushed to hospital suffering from severe burns and smoke inhalation.

Samir, a cousin of one of the men and owner of the wrecking business, said: "He gets a little bit burnt and another guy he works over there he gets burnt as well".

The containment seemed almost perfectly square, 80 metres by 80 metres, bordered by trees and populated by car wrecks.

The fire caused major traffic problems and drivers were urged to take alternate routes if possible.

Comm. Greg Mullins said: "It’s been a bit of a desperate battle, they have been able to contain to the cars but two other buildings have caught fire.”

Traffic in the area is expected to be heavily affected.