Expat left 'shaking' after unexpected visitor at her Aussie home

The British woman said she jumped out of her skin when she spotted something move on the floor.

A British expat was "minding her own business" at home over the weekend when an unexpected visitor left her "shaking", with the woman later admitting she had no idea such a thing could happen in Sydney.

The expat was lounging in a property in the city's eastern suburbs and decided to leave her windows and doors open to aerate the space on a hot day while she lay on the couch. However, she was left stunned when she spotted movement on the floor.

"As if that just happened," she said online. "I was just sat here on my sofa minding my own business and a snake just slithered into my living room and hissed at me."

The expat holds her hand up to her face recalling her shock (left). The snake inside her home peeking out of the bushes beside the back door (right).
The expat was stunned to find a snake inside her home in Sydney. Source: TikTok

Expat caught intruder on camera

The woman said the "snake intruder" made her jump out of her skin and confessed she had no idea her decision to leave the door open would mean she was at risk of encountering a snake in her own home.

"[I] did not realise having my doors open left me at risk of snake intruders. I live in Sydney, not the bush!" she said.

She was able to quickly grab her phone and capture footage of the green snake popping its head into the house before seemingly deciding against entering and making its way back toward the backyard, much to the woman's relief. She claims no one would have believed her had she not caught the footage.

Aussies offer advice on how to avoid situation

Despite most Aussies admitting they hadn't experienced something similar, they offered advice on how the expat can best avoid unwanted snake encounters in her home.

"You need one of those screen door and window inserts! Might be able to get them from Bunnings," one recommended, while others said it was "harmless" and it wasn't anything to be concerned about despite the snake being "chunky".

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