Ex-underworld figure's chilling deathbed confession

A dying Sydney underworld figure has offered to lead police to as many as 10 bodies in exchange for immunity.

Charlie Quinlan, 55, told 7 News from a hospital bed he knows where 10 bodies, including two retired police officers, are buried in a secret he’s kept for 15 years.

He claims Sidney Collins is buried at Tabulam in northern NSW.

The other nine are said to be in the state’s south around the Crookwell area.

Former Sydney underworld figure Charlie Quinlan has offered to tell police where 10 bodies are buried in NSW but wants immunity from prosecution. Source: 7 News

But for the exact location he wants immunity, and wouldn’t answer if he was involved in the killings unless he was promised immunity first.

“It’d be such a big relief for me because, and the families are the ones, but it’d be a big relief for me,” Quinlan said.

Quinlan claims to know where Sidney Collins (pictured) is buried. Source: 7 News

Lawyer Ross Hill said “it’s imperative” any information Quinlan shares is dealt “with urgency” considering the 55-year-old’s health. He added he’s “astounded” no progress has been made on the deal.

Discussions between homicide detectives and Quinlan’s lawyer are still ongoing.

Police know Quinlan is well-connected in the criminal world but said the fine print of the proposed deal is unworkable.

Former police officer Duncan McNab said police “tread carefully” with deals and treat them “with a great deal of care”.