Evil stepmother jailed for abuse in horror Cinderella-like case

An evil, cruel stepmother who tormented three girls and treated them as her “slaves” has been jailed for two years.

UK woman Caroline Sharp carried out the abuse between June 1975 and June 1991, with the “nightmare childhood” only revealed when one of the stepdaughters went to the police in 2015.

The sadistic Sharp forced one of the girls to use newspaper for a sanitary pad, drink from the toilet and stop bathing for six weeks.

"This was truly the childhood of nightmares. At your hands, they were abused, humiliated, belittled and neglected,” Judge Paul Watson said.

"They were starved of the parental care and affection to which they were entitled."

The court heard one of the three girls was Sharp’s biological daughter, while the two other victims became Sharp’s stepdaughters when their mother died.

All three women were in tears as Sharp was led away from the Grimsby Crown Court this week.

It was established the girls would get so hungry, they would risk physical punishment and steal from the cupboards.

"They would often not be fed between Friday teatime and pack-up on Monday at school," prosecutor Gordon Stables said.

The girls were also forced to do gardening and housework for hours on end, before being “smacked and starved”.

Ms Sharp’s biological daughter said while being used as a slave, she was also force-fed egg sandwiches and fatty mince, which made her sick as part of a joke.

"These children were, in fact, used by you as slaves with no care or affection to be shown to them throughout their childhood," Judge Watson said.

"The effects upon each of them are lasting and profound.

"Each of them has been left with long-lasting and serious difficulties which they are struggling to deal with.

"Each girl is going to need therapeutic counselling for years to come."

According to UK media, Sharp told police she was sorry and wanted to “turn back the clock” when arrested.

The 65-year-old was sentenced to two years’ jail for the three counts of child cruelty.

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