EU Green Week focuses on water management in the face of flooding risk

EU Green Week focuses on water management in the face of flooding risk

Water resilience in the face of the climate crisis is the focus of Green Week in Brussels.

The 2024 EU Green Week is part of a wider communication campaign dedicated to fostering awareness and promoting solutions in the face of the climate crisis.

Floods have hit Europe with increasing intensity, such as those in eastern Belgium in July 2021, where 240 people died.

In a report published this month, the European Environment Agency sounded the alarm that 12 per cent of Europe's population lives in areas at risk of flooding.

Alain Maron, Brussels Minister for Climate Transition commented that it is important that countries financially invest in climate change, as well as alter their mindset around the green transition.

"There are two main things: financial resources. This also means that all adaptation policies must be integrated into the European financial framework. Countries must invest massively in adaptation policies. That's one thing. The other thing is changes in practices. Implementing solutions based on nature. That's the most effective. And that doesn't necessarily cost more. But it's really a change of model, a change of mindset, almost a cultural change" said Maron.

According to the European Environment Agency, flooding could intensify mainly in north-western Europe and the centre of the continent.

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