ESPN producer dies while in Melbourne covering the Australian Open

A producer for sports network ESPN has died while in Australia to cover the Australian Open tournament.

ESPN confirmed Ted Brown, 36, died of a heart attack in his hotel room over night.

Colleague and presenter Chris Fowler announced the news before the network began its coverage of the tournament.

"We are grieving today," Fowler said.

"We are sad and in shock, a member of our crew, of our tennis family, passed away last night in a hotel here in Melbourne.

"From all of us who worked with him and admired him, who shared a deep affection for Ted, our deepest sympathies to Erinn, who is half a world away back in Connecticut, and their son Henry."

Brown worked in graphics for the sports network and had travelled to Melbourne from the US to cover the event.

He was married to wife Erinn and had a young son called Henry.

Morning news break - January 26