Er, so what actually is the 'one piece' the Straw Hats are searching for in One Piece?

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What is the one piece treasure in One Piece?Netflix

Netflix's newest fantasy series One Piece, based on the original manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda, dropped last week and we may have become slightly addicted to the series.

The eight-part series sees a group of courageous young pirates, known as the 'Straw Hats', led by their captain Monkey D. Luffy (played by Iñaki Godoy), go on an adventurous quest to find the one piece of elusive treasure that will enable Luffy to become the 'Pirate King'.

But what actually is the treasure? Will there be a chest full of gold at the end of the quest? Or perhaps something else?

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Here's everything we know about the mysterious one piece treasure.

What is the 'one piece' treasure in One Piece?

The opening scene of Netflix's One Piece introduces us to Gol D. Roger who is facing execution for his crimes of piracy. Just before his death Roger reveals his treasure is hidden at sea and urges people to go and find it, setting in motion a fierce race across the seas for all pirates in search of the 'one piece', but he doesn't actually reveal what the treasure is or its worth. His words lead Luffy and the Straw Hats to search for the treasure.

In the original manga series, the series writer Eiichiro Oda has still not revealed what the actual piece is or its worth, so Luffy and the Straw Hats don't really know exactly what they're searching for. The 'one piece' is said to be priceless and whoever finds it will become known as the 'Pirate King'.

one piece treasure

Does the one piece actually exist?

Given the manga series and the subsequent anime adaptation series still hasn't revealed what the one piece actually is, we could all be forgiven for doubting whether the one piece really exists. However, we shouldn't give up hope as there are a few clues the one piece does exist.

In the original manga series four special Poneglyphs were introduced to guide pirates to the location of the one piece. The Kozuki Clan were responsible for creating the Poneglyphs, and they, and the inhabitants of Ohara, alone were able to decipher their meaning. However they were killed by the World Government as they didn't want anyone to find the treasure. Hmm, yeah sounds suspicious to us and does indicate there is some truth to the existence of the one piece.

In Chapter 967 of the original manga the one piece treasure was revealed to be located on the island of Laugh Tale. However, it then turned out this treasure belonged to another pirate Joyboy, not Gol Roger. After this discovery it was then revealed that Rogers' pirates had discovered a missing piece of history that proved the one piece does exist.

There are some fans who have theorised the one piece may be a concept as opposed to a physical entity, however Eiichiro Oda himself has confirmed the one piece does exist.

In an interview with Mayumi Tanaka, who voices Luffy in the anime series, Tanaka asked if the one piece is about friendship, to which Oda replied: "It's not that. The OP is real!"

Well that settles that, hopefully one day we will find out the true existence of the one piece.

One Piece is available on Netflix now

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