Eco-Vandals Hurl Soup at the Louvre’s Mona Lisa

David Cantiniaux/AFPTV/AFP via Getty Images
David Cantiniaux/AFPTV/AFP via Getty Images

Two protesters championing healthy and sustainable food wreaked havoc at the Louvre by throwing soup at Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa painting. A video posted on X early on Sunday showed the pair throwing the soup on the famed painting and then standing next to it, with one woman wearing the slogan of the French environmental activist group Riposte Alimentaire, according to The Guardian. The messy episode comes as farmers across France pushed back against their working conditions and demand better pay ahead of France’s election. Louvre officials tried erecting black screens to prevent attendees from witnessing the chaos, but it did little to obstruct peoples’ view. Two people were arrested following the incident, according to the paper.

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