Emotional story behind photo of boy watching TV bushfire coverage

An image of a small boy watching the NSW bushfire coverage on TV has gone viral after his mother revealed the story behind the image.

Fire and Rescue NSW shared the image of two-year-old Harley on their Facebook page on Tuesday and the candid conversation the toddler had with his mother about the bushfires.

“Hey mummy I think that these firefighters are so special,” Harley said to his mum Nicole.

When Nicole asked her son why he felt that way, he responded: “Because they are saving my house and my life and I didn’t even ask them to.”

After Nicole assured her son that they didn’t live near any of the fire zones and were safe, Harley’s attention turned to those who were at risk and the firefighters battling the blazes.

“I better go there then, mum,” Harley said.

When his mum asked where, the boy added: “The fires and help the firefighters, they need my help.”

NSW Rural Fire Service crews fight the Gospers Mountain Fire as it impacts property. Source: AAP

At the time of publication the social media post had been shared almost 3000 times and attracted hundreds of comments from parents sharing their children’s reactions to firefighters battling the worse bushfires Australia has ever experienced.

“My little guy's been saying similar, he's three-years-old, it's hard to hold it together they just melt my heart,” one wrote.

One firefighter said that he had experienced a similar response from his children.

“After multiple deployments and spending days without seeing my family my seven-year-old son called me while I was on the back of a truck. I told him that I was going to spend the next few days with him and his sister, after a short pause he replied with, ‘It’s ok daddy, those people need you more than I do’. Broke my heart,” he said.

Many people praised Nicole for the instant reaction of kindness her son expressed.

“A beautiful little champion, our future is safe with thoughtful and compassionate souls growing into amazing Aussie adults,” a person responded.

NSW Rural Fire Service crews fight the Gospers Mountain Fire as it impacts a property at Bilpin. Source: AAP

One mother of a firefighter wrote to Harley thanking him for his thoughtful words.

“Hey Harley, my boy is with the boys and girls fighting the fires. I think they are all pretty special too and I know you are going to grow into a wonderful young man like my son because of your kindness. I bet your mummy is just as proud of you as I am of my (not so little) boy,” she wrote.

Fire and Rescue NSW used the opportunity to thank Harley and the public for their support.

“Also, thank you to all of you. Yes. You. For all the love and support we’ve received. It has truly been heartwarming,” the Facebook post said.

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