Emmerdale's Kim Tate receives a threat from newcomer Rose

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) experienced a blast from the past last week after receiving a mysterious phone call that ultimately led him to come face-to-face with his ex-wife Rose Jackson (Christine Tremarco). After a frosty reunion in the hospital, where he had been called as her next of kin, Rose had an equally fraught meeting with her daughter Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley).

Dawn immediately rejected her mother and said she wanted nothing to do with her after she walked out on the family and abandoned Dawn to social care whilst Will was in prison. Rose was seen leaving in a taxi with everyone believing that would be the last they saw of her.

However, Rose had a change of heart and in tonight's (April 30) scenes she returned to the village to seek out her family.

The episode began with Dawn and Will reflecting on their meeting with Rose, describing her as a "tornado" that creates chaos and then spins back out again. Yet, Dawn was having reservations about not giving Rose more time to explain herself.

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At the same time, Rose was merrily drinking with Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) in The Woolpack before her flight back to Spain. Their good time was interrupted when Dawn, Will and Kim Tate (Claire King) walked into the pub and questioned why she was back in the village. Unfortunately for Kim, Rose was undeterred and used the situation to her advantage by revealing to them all that Kim had tried to bribe her, offering her £3,000 to leave and never contact Dawn again.

"Go and stay away or there will be consequences, or words to that effect," Rose recalled Kim's threat.

"You couldn't take it quickly enough, you almost snatched it out of my hand," Kim bit back.

"Well I don't want it, I'm not here to be a problem," Rose explained.

None of them were impressed and the tables turned on the Home Farm matriarch further as Dawn walked off with her mother to hear her out.

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Rose explained that she left because she didn't think she was "good enough" to be Dawn's mum, but that she's here now because she hopes "there's a chance" she can make things right and get to know Dawn.

Her daughter later made a revelation of her own. Amidst her ongoing turmoil over her son Evan's diagnosis with leukaemia, Dawn decided she would like to keep her mum close by after all, and drops the bombshell that she will be moving in with them to offer further support.

Initially she says this will be while her mum's arm recovers, but how will their reconciliation develop amongst the agony of her son's cancer battle?

"You've given me a chance, I'm not about to waste it," Rose declared.

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As Dawn walked off, Kim approached and warned Rose she wouldn't be staying for long, but perhaps she's met her match as the latter threatened back: "You lost today, and if you come at me again, you won't win. Here's to letting a fox in your little hen house."

Speaking recently about the drama set to unfold, Will actor Dean Andrews said his character is really annoyed at Rose turning up "out of the blue" and "doesn't deserve" the money that Kim tried to offer, but that this act also sets up some escalating tension between the couple.

"She's not shown her face for about 25 years, maybe a little bit less. So he's not happy about it and he can't understand why she's just turned up out of the blue. He thinks that she doesn't deserve anything other than getting her bum on the next plane back to Benidorm because she doesn't deserve any money or any niceness.

"It gets to the paying off [moment] and [to Kim] he's like: 'What the hell do you think you're doing interfering?' But then there's one or two moments where Kim might say to Will that she's messing up… She looks after the kids at one point and I say: 'Well she did step up yesterday'. There are little moments that don't mean anything to Will but they mean something to Kim and she starts to worry she's going to lose me. She's not made of wood, is she?"

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