Emily Ratajkowski has ‘always had hard time’ with failure

Emily Ratajkowski has ‘always had a hard time’ with failure credit:Bang Showbiz
Emily Ratajkowski has ‘always had a hard time’ with failure credit:Bang Showbiz

Emily Ratajkowski has “always had a hard time” with failure.

The actress, model and author, 32, added she has always been hard on herself when things haven’t worked out as planned, but said she is now working on being kinder to herself.

She said in a video chat with Glamour magazine: “So I have always had a hard time with failure. I’m very hard on myself, but I’ve learned – I mean it’s so cliché – but it’s so true that every failure is sort of why you can have the next success, have so many personal and kind of public moments where I think, ‘Oh my God, I wish I had handled that differently, I wish I’d listened to my instinct.’

“I’ve looked back in my life and kind of softened around a lot of those moments that I considered failures, and realised that there isn’t sort of anything as such as failure, because whatever domino effect that failure starts, kicks off, it can lead to kind of amazing things that you couldn’t imagine.”

Mum-of-one Emily – who had son Sylvester with nearly three years ago with her 36-year-old film producer former husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, who is rumoured to have cheated on her and is also currently facing allegations of sexual misconduct by multiple women in September 2022 – added she turns to the advice of American poet, professor and philosopher Audre Lorde to get herself through hard times.

She said when asked to reveal what the best piece of advice she’s ever received: “I don’t know who gave me this advice, and I’ve said it many, many times – something I’ve learned is to trust your instincts.

“And I think that as young women we are kind of, you know, there is a certain amount of things that you need to learn, that you should, you know, pay attention to.

“And there’s so much you can learn from the world, but I think that we’re also taught to sort of disconnect from our instincts and maybe it’s actually Audre Lorde who talks about kind of the beautiful – the beauty in instinct – and how it’s this, like, power that women have specifically.

“And I think that that’s something as I’ve gotten older, I feel was always there but silenced, and that I didn’t pay attention to my instinct, and now I really do.”