Emily Blunt wept over Oscar nod while picking up dog poop

Emily Blunt was picking up dog poo when she was told about her Oscar nod credit:Bang Showbiz
Emily Blunt was picking up dog poo when she was told about her Oscar nod credit:Bang Showbiz

Emily Blunt found out about her Oscar nomination while she was picking up dog poop.

'The Devil Wears Prada' star landed a nod in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in 'Oppenheimer' and she was told she was in the running for the trophy while she was out in New York taking her pet pooch for a walk - and she broke down in tears.

During a talk with Josh Horowitz at 92NY in the Big Apple, Emily explained: "It’s all quite scary, the anticipation of it, and I think you just try not to listen to buzz because buzz can be built on sand sometimes. And so when it did happen, and when it happened in such a far-reaching way for all of us in the movie and every crew member, it was magical.

"I did have a brief cry in the middle of Brooklyn, brief weep directly after picking up my dog’s poop ... I did pick up her poop and then I heard that I got nominated so it was perfect."

Emily added her husband John Krasinski also wept when he heard the news while helping her dispose of the dog poop. She explained: "[John] had a really good cry as well, after helping me with the poop. I think he went and put it in the trash and then we both cried."

Emily is nominated alongside Danielle Brooks (‘The Color Purple’), America Ferrera ('Barbie’), Jodie Foster (‘Nyad’), Da'Vine Joy Randolph (The Holdovers’) and the winner will be announced at the ceremony in Los Angeles on March 10.

The actress went on to talk about several scenes in the movie when she had to depict her character of Kitty Oppenheimer drunk - and she insisted she was sober throughout after previously knocking back booze for another drunken role and it went horribly wrong.

She explained: "I’ve done it once [downed alcohol for a drunk scene] and it was a disaster. I was so paranoid and messy - it was way back in the day, I’m not even going to tell you what it was for. No, I prefer to be stone-cold sober.

"I mean I seem to have done this a couple of times, I’m like the go-to for ugly drunks."