Emily Blunt Admits Kissing Some Co-Stars Made Her Want To ‘Throw Up’

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Emily Blunt has had her fair share of on-screen smooches, but apparently some have proved to be a bit more of a challenge for her than others.

The Fall Guy star was speaking during a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Showwhen she got candid about what happens when two stars don’t gel.

“I have had chemistry with people who… I have not had a good time working with them,” she revealed during the Sirius 100 XM radio interview.

Asked if she’d ever “wanted to throw up” after kissing a co-star, The Devil Wears Prada star replied: “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s sort of extreme loathing, but I have definitely not enjoyed some of it,” she explained.

While Emily didn’t go so far as to reveal which kissing scenes she found particularly burdensome, she clarified that she’s enjoyed working with her Jungle Cruise co-star Dwayne Johnson, Edge of Tomorrow’s Tom Cruise, and her Oppenheimer castmates Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon (with whom she also starred alongside in 2011’s The Adjustment Bureau) and Cillian Murphy.

Oppenheimer co-stars Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt
Oppenheimer co-stars Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

“Sometimes it’s a strange thing. Sometimes you could have a rapport that’s really effortless, but it doesn’t translate on screen,” she said.

“Chemistry is this strange thing. It’s an ethereal thing that you can’t really bottle up and buy or sell. It’s like there or it’s not.”

Emily added: “It’s just easier when you have a natural rapport with someone.”

Always the professional, Emily added that she has her own tactic to create chemistry with stars when it’s lacking.

“I’ve got to find something I love about everybody. I have to find something... Even if it’s one thing,” she said.

“It might be that they have a nice laugh or I like how they speak to people. They’re polite. I mean, it might be something random.

“But find something you love about that person or something you love about them as the character and then kind of lean into that.”

Emily’s comments come after Rebecca Ferguson opened up about her own experiences with an undisclosed male colleague, in which an “idiot” co-star screamed at her and left her in tears.