Elon Musk Deletes Tweet Saying Ex-Wives Responsible for Collapse of Civilization

In a blatantly misogynist outburst, multi-hyphenate billionaire Elon Musk took aim at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie Scott for making charitable donations to *checks notes* causes that support women and minorities.

"'Super rich ex-wives who hate their former spouse' should filed [sic] be listed among 'Reasons that Western Civilization died,'" https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1765523497764495843?s=20" data-uri="3b2e56681132e33a8e718d28998eb2d5">Musk tweeted — only to delete the toxic message later.

Even for Musk, who has a growing track record of making disgusting comments, including outright racist tirades and backing antisemitic conspiracy theories, his latest tweet proved to be a bit much.

It's unclear if Musk was aiming the distasteful and incredibly misguided tweet directly at Scott. He was responding to another X-formerly-Twitter user who accused her of donating to nonprofits that "deal with issues of race and/or gender," a big no-no for Musk and his right-wing supporters.

Musk has been on the warpath as of late, complaining about companies that have diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) hiring policies in place. To the billionaire, these practices amount to "reverse racism," a largely nonsensical term favored by white supremacists.

In January, he argued that DEI policies would allow black people to become pilots, which he said would lead to deaths because — yes, he actually said this — their IQs are too low. Then there was his infamous and deeply unhinged comment arguing that an antisemitic conspiracy theory was "the actual truth."

Given Musk's latest comments, "super rich ex-wives" who have it out for their uber-wealthy former spouses have been added to his growing list of enemies.

It's worth noting that Musk himself has been married and divorced three times. He married actor Justine Wilson in 2000 and divorced her eight years later. In 2010, he married English actor Talulah Riley and divorced just two years later. The pair remarried in 2013 but divorced yet again in 2016.

Whether Musk considers Wilson and Riley to be "super rich ex-wives" who shouldn't give to charitable donations for some reason remains unclear at best.

Scott founded a charitable organization called Yield Giving in late 2022, which connects donors to non-profit charities.

Since divorcing Bezos in 2019, Scott has given away more than $16.5 billion to more than 1,600 nonprofits, according to the organization's website.

Last year, Scott revealed a long list of recipients of the $2.1 billion total she donated in 2022. Some of these recipients include affordable housing nonprofits, reproductive care organizations, and youth training groups.

That kind of philanthropy puts Musk's own feeble efforts to shame. The billionaire created the Musk Foundation with his brother in 2002. In 2021, he gifted it $5.7 billion in Tesla shares.

That money has gone to fund "human space exploration research and advocacy," "pediatric research," and the development of "safe AI," according to the foundation's extremely barebones website.

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