Elite Victorian private school shuts down student 'fight club'

Teachers at a prestigious boarding school southwest of Melbourne have been forced to shut down a student fight club.

Geelong Grammar School – the country’s most expensive boarding school – sent home a letter to parents last week about a number of students involved in a boxing and fighting club within a boarding house.

The contents of the letter were obtained by The Herald Sun and described fights breaking out “after lights out”.

“Whilst our understanding from the many boys we have spoken with, is these bouts were not intended to cause harm and occurred out of an understanding this was expected or normalised behaviour, it is not something we condone or want within any aspect of our school environment,” the letter obtained by the paper reads.

A fight club involving students at Geelong Grammar School has been shut down. Source: AAP (file pic)

Sources told the paper pillows and mattresses were placed on the floor during the fights but this year a boy broke his hand and had to be hospitalised.

In a statement issued by school principal Rebecca Cody, she said “this type of behaviour will not be tolerated”.

“We are utilising this opportunity to educate our students about responsibility and risk; to assist our learners to make informed choices that prioritise safety,” she said.

Senior students are set to be educated on head trauma and facial-related injuries.

The behaviour of students in some of Australia’s wealthiest private schools remains under the microscope.

A Four Corners report, set to air on the ABC on Monday, will explore the “boys club” and “private school privilege” at St Kevin’s in Melbourne’s affluent suburb of Toorak.

Students from St Kevin’s made headlines when they were filmed singing a degrading chant on public transport last year.

It was filmed by a woman travelling on the tram and shows the boys in uniform chanting: “I wish that all the ladies, were holes in the road”.

“And if I was a dump truck, I'd fill them with my load.”

The school’s headmaster apologised for the student’s actions.

The report is set to air on Monday at 8.30pm AEST.

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