Elephant ‘too kind’ but still frightens reckless tourists; video

Tourists in India discovered recently that elephants will not always tolerate being cornered by vehicles full of frenzied admirers.

The accompanying footage, believed to have been captured in Jim Corbett National Park, shows a chaotic scene in which a large elephant singled out one vehicle as a means of expressing its disapproval. (Video contains profanity.)

At one point the elephant backs up before reemerging to step on the vehicle’s bumper before moving to the driver’s side and forcing the occupants to exit the passenger side.

“This gentle giant was too kind,” Ramesh Pandey of the Indian Forest Service observed via X.

The Stripes and Green Earth Foundation (SAGE) also shared the footage while criticizing the tourists’ clear violation of distance guidelines.

To be sure, the elephant exhibited restraint by not becoming aggressive and creating a potentially deadly situation.

The footage ends with the elephant to the right of the frame as a crew examines possible damage to the vehicle.

Story originally appeared on For The Win