Electric vehicle's controversial petrol station move divides Aussies: 'Should be fined'

Some have said the owner of the Tesla should be fined for the move.

Electric vehicles have been infuriating Aussies left right and centre for their "privileged" car spaces and chargers taking up footpaths. But, what if you rocked up to your local petrol station to find yourself queued behind a Tesla that had used a petrol pump as a place to park?

A photo claiming this situation was happening at a local South Sydney petrol station has caused hundreds to protest the move with some going so far as to say the EV drivers should be "fined" for doing such a thing.

"This f***wit parked at the petrol pump in his Tesla to go in and buy a car wash," the post on Reddit said with the debate raging on within hours of posting.

Image of a white Tesla electric vehicle parked at a fuel pump with the 'Foodary' shop in the background.
An electric Tesla pictured parked next to a petrol pump at a Sydney service station. Source: Reddit/CarsAustralia

They are still customers, others argue

There were those with electric vehicles and those without who defended the Tesla driver saying they're a customer too. "I do it all the time if the parking spots are full. I'm still a customer going in to buy something. I will take the furthest pump so as to not inconvenience someone," one responded.

"I was told by a worker I'm allowed to park there if I'm just running in, even if not getting fuel," another argued.

Others were as agitated as the original poster. "There should be some kind of fine for EVs parking in combustion engine bays," a person exclaimed.

"I usually park in the EV car parks... it's fun getting the rage notes. Put the charging cord under the bonnet for extra dash cam lols," another shared as a suggestion for revenge.

Aussies bitterly divided over EV parking spots

It's not the first occasion where a parked electric vehicle has caused a debate, residents in Sydney spotted charger stations popping up in the streets in October, with only EVs able to park in the two spots directly in front of the device between set hours.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a spokesperson for the City of Sydney Council confirmed at the time that a "small number of on-street chargers" were being rolled out across the LGA and reserving those spots for EVs, much to the anger of locals.

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