'True love': Elderly man photographed feeding wife ice cream in heatwave

An elderly man has won hearts worldwide after he was spotted feeding his wife ice cream during a northern hemisphere heatwave.

A pastor from the US city of Fairview in Tennessee snapped the picture of the special moment yesterday, while taking his children out for ice cream.

Brent Kelley said he could see the man spoon-feeding his wife the summer treat in the afternoon heat, which reached more than 36C.

Sweet gesture: an elderly man was snapped spoon-feeding his wife ice cream in the afternoon heat. Picture: Brent Kelley/Facebook

"So today, I took the kids to the pool and we stopped for ice cream on the way home," he wrote in his Facebook post.

"When I got my ice cream and pulled out, I realized that this elderly man beside me was sitting outside his car door, spoon feeding his wife ice cream who also looked in her late eighties.

"He draped a towel over her and slowly fed his bride in the 98 degree temperature."

Pastor Kelley called the act a "beautiful display of love."

The post has been shared more than 255,600 times in 24 hours, with many social media users calling the gesture "true love".

"This is actual true love right here❤️," one wrote.

Another added: "So absolutely precious. That's what life is all about."