Elderly driver slams into chemist

An 85-year-old man has become the latest elderly driver to plough into a shop front, this time a chemist in Melbourne's southeast.

The elderly driver lost control of the car and slammed through the front windows of the shop at Narre Warren.

Owner Richard Edwards said one customer was forced to jump out of the way as the vehicle hurtled towards the shop.

Miraculously, staff and customers inside the store escaped unharmed.

Mr Edwards said the crash sounded like a big earthquake.

"I was out the back and I heard this almighty noise and then the car appeared through the door," he said.

"We were extremely surprised. It was very frightening."

"I thought we were having an earthquake or the roof was caving in."

Despite the accident, the pharmacist still dispensed the man's prescription.

It is the eighth crash in past weeks involving an elderly driver.