Ed Davey defended by Lib Dem MP on ‘daft’ campaign antics: ‘We take politics very seriously’

A Liberal Democrat MP defended Ed Davey regarding his ‘daft’ campaign antics over the past week.

The Lib Dem party leader has been spotted falling off a paddleboard, riding a waterslide in a rubber ring and skidding down a hill on a bike - all as part of his campaign trail.

Speaking on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg on 2 June, Daisy Cooper MP sprung to Davey’s defence, saying, “All of those stunts are designed to deliver a message, and so when he was falling into Lake Windermere, he was obviously delivering a message about how we’ve led the campaign to tackle raw sewage dumping”.

“We take our politics very seriously, but we also think that we don’t have to take ourselves that seriously,” Cooper added.