EastEnders' Stevie Mitchell to share sad death secret

EastEnders' Stevie Mitchell to share sad death secret

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Stevie Mitchell will share a major death secret next week, as his son Billy makes a big discovery.

Soon after Stevie showed up in Walford, he dropped a huge bombshell, as he revealed to Billy that new arrival Teddy is Billy's half-brother. Billy struggled to process the news that his dad has had a secret other family for decades.

In scenes that will air next week, Billy faces another shock after he decides to throw his dad a surprise birthday party in The Queen Vic. As they set up, Billy tells son Will that Stevie and his long-lost mum, Val, share the same birthday, adding that he has no idea where his mum is living now.

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Over at the café, Teddy meets Stevie to give him a birthday card, where Teddy repeats his warning over Stevie's words about Teddy's mum. When Phil arrives and overhears the pair talking about keeping a secret from Billy, he decides to get Ritchie Scott to do some digging.

As the party gets under way, Stevie is touched when he sees how much effort Billy and Will have gone to for him. The day gets even more emotional when Billy gives a speech about his dad, in which he also wishes his mum well, wherever she might be.

It isn't long before Phil arrives and takes Stevie aside, where he shows him all the evidence that Ritchie has uncovered against him. As he realises the game is up, Stevie takes Billy, Teddy and Phil back to No.18, where he makes a huge confession to Billy – his mum is actually dead.

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Stevie then shares the sad story of Val's death with Billy and Teddy, and the revelations leave Billy devastated. He later speaks to Phil about his feelings, with Phil suggesting that he should wise up to who Stevie really is. Teddy also catches up with Billy, begging him not to let their dad's bombshell ruin their newfound bond.

When Billy speaks to Will, the teen misunderstands his dad's words and reveals that Phil framed Stevie. Billy storms off angrily to confront Phil for trying to destroy his newfound family.

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Stevie later begs Billy and Teddy to give him another chance, as he says sorry to them for everything that he's done and admits that he's going to say goodbye to Walford. Before he heads off, Stevie has another run-in with Phil, which prompts him to ask Mo to do him a favour...

Soon after, Phil realises that his car is missing, and he calls the police, enraged by the theft. Meanwhile, Stevie asks Billy whether he can say his goodbyes to his grandchildren before he leaves – but does he have any last tricks up his sleeve?

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