Earthquake strikes off Sydney's north coast

A magnitude 3.2 earthquake has struck off the north Sydney coast.

The earthquake was felt at Avalon Beach when it struck on Monday morning, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

There was no tsunami threat.

Geoscience Australia recorded the earthquake striking just off the coast at 10.39am and could be felt across a 28-kilometre radius.

The quake was first felt at Avalon Beach, north of Sydney. Source: Google Maps

According to GA there are an average of 80 earthquakes at a magnitude of 3.0 or more in Australia each year with Adelaide having the highest quake hazard of any Australian capital.

The last major earthquake recorded was in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory at an estimated magnitude of 6.6 in 1988, but caused little damage due to it being a sparsely populated area.

The last major earthquake to do damage in Australia was a 6.5 earthquake at Meckering, Western Australia in 1968.

It caused extensive damage to buildings and was felt over most of the southern part of the state, according to GA.

Train tracks at Meckering were left twisted and bent after an earthquake in 1968. Source: AAP