WATCH: Man is water-boarded at wild Earthcore festival

Video has emerged of a young man getting waterboarded at a music festival in Victoria - the same festival where a woman tragically died and more than 30 people were busted for driving under the influence of drugs.

In the clip a young man in a blue Hawaiian-style shirt can be seen lying down as other revellers place a cloth over his face and begin pouring water over it.

The practice is a torture method controversially employed by US forces during the early years of the wars in the Middle East.

The clip from Earthcore was posted on Instagram and appears to show it being used in good spirits. After several seconds the man being subjected to the water torture waves his arms in a gesture of the waterboarders to stop.

The young man goes willingly to be waterboard bench but quickly finds himself tapping out and gasping for breath. Photos: Instagram
The young man goes willingly to be waterboard bench but quickly finds himself tapping out and gasping for breath. Photos: Instagram

They allow him up as another man can be heard asking if any other festival-goers would like to try waterboarding.

The 2016 Earthcore festival has not been without incident, however.

A woman has died, 32 people were caught drug driving, and two people were found with weapons at the central Victoria dance festival, police say.

A 43-year-old woman from Bayswater died at Pyalong on Saturday and her death is not being treated as suspicious, police confirm.

A report will be prepared for the coroner.


The woman may have had a pre-existing medical condition, Earthcore music festival organisers say.

A medical team reached the woman within two minutes but was unable to revive her, according to a statement posted to the Earthcore Facebook page on Monday.

Festival organisers "are aware of an existing medical condition and are waiting for the coroner's inquest".

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

"We offered a counselling service on site to all staff and patrons at the time of the incident," the statement reads.

"This is truly heart breaking news and we will be releasing a formal statement once we have all the facts in place."

Police ran operations inside and outside the Earthcore festival grounds from November 24-28, including sniffer dogs.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

During the five-day festival, 19 drug diversion notices were issued, 28 people were cautioned for cannabis and four people were interviewed for possessing a drug of dependence.

Police also interviewed two people for possession of a weapon and 32 were caught drug driving.

"While the presence of drugs is still concerning, police were pleased with the general behaviour of the crowd," police said in a statement.

Media reports of a man being voluntarily waterboarded - a form of torture - at the festival have not been reported to police, a spokesman told AAP.

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