'Earthblade' is the next game from the team behind ‘Celeste’

It will be out in 2024.

Extremely OK Games

Extremely OK Games, the developer behind the award-winning platformer Celeste, has revealed its new project at this year's Game Awards. It's called Earthblade, and just like Celeste, it's a 2D exploration-action game set in a pixel world. In Earthblade, you'll play Névoa, which the developer describes as an "enigmatic child of Fate" (with horns) who's returning to Earth. The trailer shows you some of the obstacles you'll have to face and the foes you'll have to defeat while exploring the remnants of a ruined world. Extremely OK also says you'll be piecing together Earth's fractured history as you play.

We wouldn't be surprised if you have high expectations for Earthblade, seeing as Celeste had won several awards after it was launched. At The Game Awards in 2018, it won best independent release of the year. (Extremely OK didn't get its winged statue after the show ended, but a fan unknowingly purchased it from eBay and sent it to the developer just earlier this year.) It will take some time before you can play Earthblade and go on an adventure with Névoa, though: The game won't be available until 2024.