Eamon Sullivan to star on DWTS

Eamon Sullivan is preparing to take the plunge on Dancing with the Stars.

Just weeks after announcing his retirement from competitive swimming, WA sport star Eamon Sullivan is preparing to take the plunge on Dancing with the Stars

The triple Olympian and former world record holder is taking up the challenge of learning ballroom dancing for this year's reality TV dance competition.

The only problem is - he says he has two left feet.

"Dancing is probably the one thing that let's me down in my life," Sullivan, 28, told _The Weekend West _after his first rehearsal this week.

"I could be as disciplined and as motivated as I want but I just don't know if I have the rhythm to pull it off.

"Usually I am pretty confident at anything I do sport wise. I have got co-ordination, but dancing I will happily admit I am terrible at."

Partnering Sullivan for the Channel 7 series, which will screen later this year, is Kalamunda-raised dance star Ash-Leigh Hunter.

"If you get a good person to teach you how to do it, it probably isn't as daunting," Sullivan said. "I think of it as Ash being Patrick Swayze and me being Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing.

"I am hoping she can lift me for the final scene, but I think she will need to do a few more weights before then. No one is putting me in a corner - I will be out there doing my darnedest."

Olympic pole vaulter Steve Hooker finished fifth with Hunter on last year's series and Sullivan said he would be grilling his good friend and part-owner of his North Fremantle Bib & Tucker restaurant for tips.

Sullivan said he wasn't sure if his girlfriend Naomi Bass was excited about his foray into dance because she wanted "to see me look like an idiot on national TV".

"Or whether she just wants me to learn how to dance," he said. "She is pretty excited for me to do it though and I was pretty hesitant because I knew how bad I would be at it."