DWTS Alan Bersten reveals drastic weight loss after shedding 20lbs in just five weeks

Alan Bersten has lost 20lbs in just five weks credit:Bang Showbiz
Alan Bersten has lost 20lbs in just five weks credit:Bang Showbiz

Alan Bersten has lost 20lbs in five weeks.

The 29-year-old ballroom dancer - who is best known as a professional on the ABC competition series 'Dancing with the Stars' - consumed only meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, fish, some dairy products, and water to achieve such drastic weight loss in a relatively short amount of time and claimed that diet has "changed [his] life."

He told UsWeekly: "In the last five weeks, I started the carnivore diet. I’m not preaching it to anyone. I did it myself. I kind of did it under like, just trying not to tell anyone and it completely changed my life. I’m so happy and I’ve lost a lot of weight, which is insane. I really didn’t expect that. I think in five weeks, I lost like 20 pounds."

Alan - who has danced with the likes of Britney Spears' sister Jamie Lynn Spears as well as country singer Jessie James Decker and 'The Bachelorette' star Hannah Brown during his time on 'DWTS' - also noted that he has found himself in a "much better place" in terms of his mental health and feels "very lucky" to have got to where he is now.

He added: "I'm in a much better place. Whether that’s from looking good or feeling good, whatever that is, I’m really appreciative of that. I think a lot of people can take that for granted and I think mental health is extremely important as well as physical health. I feel very lucky."

As well as his diet, the TV star has also found that Pilates can be his "secret" weapon when it comes to staying in shape.

He said: "I work out every day and I have a personal trainer named David and I do weight training every day but Pilates is my new secret thing,” he said. “I do it every single day!"