Dumped One Nation candidate plans to send ice addicts to 'uninhabited island'

Catherine Healey

A One Nation candidate who was dumped by leader Pauline Hanson after he revealed a historic theft conviction, has revealed plans to run as an independent in the upcoming WA state election.

Brian Brightman was set to contest the seat of Joondalup, until he confessed to a 23-year-old conviction for theft of $1100 worth of departure tax stamps when he was a customs officer at Perth Airport.

But after being dumped as a One Nation candidate, Mr Brightman said he still shares the same values as its party leader Ms Hanson and said he plans to launch a "war on drugs".

Dumped One Nation candidate Brian Brightman. Source: 7 News

The now-independent also believes ice addicts should be sent to uninhabited islands to fend for themselves.

"Why not put them on an island and say 'here's all the wood you need, here's seeds, here's animals make yourself self-sufficient'," he told Fairfax Media.

In an emotional post on his newly created Facebook page, Brian Brightman Independent Candidate, Mr Brightman couldn't hide his disappointment at being dumped from the One Nation party.

The WA One Nation candidates. Source: 7 News

"If this is what happens to a person who has paid for his mistakes and feels that he has a lot to give back to this country, well then Australia is in big trouble," he said.

"What ever happened to giving people a fair go?"

Speaking to 7 News, Mr Brightman said he understood Ms Hanson's decision, stating "it's her call, it's her brand, it's her party".

The WA State election will be held on March 11.

Mr Brightman will run as an independent. Source: 7 News