Dumped Love Island star responds to 'lack of airtime' concerns

Love Island summer 2024 contestant Munveer Jabbal has responded to fan complaints about his 'lack of airtime'.

Munveer and his villa partner Patsy Field were dumped on day 10 of the current season. During his time on the show, fans on social media stated that he wasn't seen on screen all that often, especially when compared to other Islanders like Joey Essex.

Speaking to OK! on the TRIC (Television and Radio Industries Club) Awards red carpet, Munveer said he wasn't hugely bothered about how much he was featured on the show.

munveer, love island season 11, day 1

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"I'm alive!" he said. "That's part of the drama and that's fair enough. We'd sit down at nine o'clock, and what do you want to be following? Drama. Not Munveer trying to chirps everyone. I'm not bitter about it."

In addition to not causing drama in the villa, Munveer and Patsy didn't find a romantic connection either.

But while Munveer is okay with what happened, Patsy told the publication that she believes they were "robbed".

"We had so much more to give in there and who knows what could have happened with both of us," she said.

patsy, munveer, love island 2024, episode 3

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"I think we would have given it our best shot throughout. And that's the aim of the game.

"[The producers] do say when you go in that you could be in there for two days or two weeks, two months and unfortunately that's how it happened for us."

"We'll find love on the outside," she added. "Just not with each other."

Meanwhile, the show introduced two new bombshells last night — and one of them in particular isn't afraid of possibly breaking up existing couples.

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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