Dumbest thieves caught on camera

Thieves can be bold, brazen and stupid.

Two thieves in China displayed all three of these characteristics when they happily danced in front of the surveillance camera at a noodle shop in China.

CCTV shows the pair of young robbers burst into the store in Yangzhou city, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

They are captured flaunting their terribly awkward rave-style moves, flashing their hands at the camera as if it was a laser.

This isn't the first time thieves have displayed a surprising combination of arrogance and ignorance. Here are our favourite stupid thieves.

Shameless female thief puts flatscreen TV up her skirt

CCTV footage shows the woman and her accomplice strolling into the open showroom in the town of Guapiles in central Costa Rica

Hilarious bungled ATM theft in Queensland

A would-be ATM bandit was not even close to pulling off a desperate heist involving a metal chain, a ute and a late night idea.

Alleged thief sticks chainsaw down pants

Police in Port St. Lucie, Florida have arrested a man who allegedly stole a chainsaw from a lawn equipment store. Surveillance footage captured the man attempting to conceal the chainsaw under his shirt and down his pants.

Would-be thief recognises worker, spares store from robbery

A man confronted a store clerk near Denver, but then decided not to rob the place because he knew the worker. He walked and gave a thumbs up. A few minutes later, someone matching his description held up a 7-Eleven nearby.

Bungling ram raiders fail to crack ATM

Thieves who ram raided a Launceston shopping centre to steal an ATM have failed to get any cash from the machine.

Police say a stolen truck was used to crash through the glass foyer of a Mowbray shopping complex.

CCTV vision of the ram raid where a stolen truck was used to steal an ATM.

The robbers used a heavy chain to drag an ATM onto the pavement where a second stolen vehicle was used to drag the machine one kilometre down the road.

Police followed the drag marks to find the abandoned vehicle and ATM, which the thieves failed to break open.