Girl, 14, receives death threats from school friend's father over same-sex marriage stance

A mother of a 14-year-old girl has tweeted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after her daughter received death threats from a school friend's father when she said she was in support of same-sex marriage.

The mother posted a screenshot of a Facebook exchange of dialogue on same-sex mariage that was followed by the threat by the man against her daughter.

She then posted another tweet and wrote: "This is the level of civilised debate YOU have encouraged @TurnbullMalcolm... a parent feels emboldened enough to threaten a CHILD."

The man had written to the woman's daughter and said "Kk WTF?? I ain't f****** playing no more, u now what I'm capable of b****. I am ******* father. Call me b4 I come n drop bombs. It's my time to shine because straight up. U want me to come with a 9mm".

The woman's post quickly went viral, with many in disbelief that a father was allegedly threatening the girl.

"That's somebody's FATHER?" one person asked.

Another person wrote "What the actual? Dude should be arrested."

It was later revealed the girl suffers from Asperger's syndrome.

"She keeps most of her concerns and emotions internalised so we are a bit unsure," the mother wrote.

Despite the woman claiming police initially "weren't interested" in pursuing the threat, she later said: "Dubbo @nswpolice are well on top of the issue with the fb post and threat against my daughter. Keeping us updated. Cannot fault them."

The mother made another post about the situation on Monday with a screenshot of a post from the man.

He wrote: "I'd love to square dance with anyone who has commented on me in the last two days. Where are ya b****, call me for your f****** time and place and I'll show."